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Can someone who's recently flown with Ryanair help me check I've got all paperwork ready!

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puffling Wed 03-Jun-09 11:05:08

I know Ryanair wil make me jump thru' hoops so need to check what we print off.
I've printed off comfirmation number and advance passenger info. (as we're going to Spain). What else do we need. Are we required to check in online? Can we check dd in online, as we've not paid for hold luggage for her?

Any help gratefully accepted!

Hersetta Wed 03-Jun-09 12:04:23

you have to check in on line if you booked after May 20th 2009 but whenever you did book the invoice part of your confirmation should say whether you have paid for airport check in or online check in so that should guide you. How old is your DD as they used to make you check in at the airport if you were travelling with an infant - now you can check in on line and just go to bag drop and drop your hold luggage off and get a tag for your buggy.

I've flown with them perhaps 10 times to Spain with my 21 month DD and have always been fine except that next time we travel we'll have to check in on line rather than use airport check in.

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