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La Vendette, Noirmoutier, France. Has anyone been there?

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MorocconOil Mon 11-May-09 21:54:08

Have seen this campsite in the Cool Camping France book. It looks beautiful in the book. Has anyone ever been there, and if so was the beach a nice sandy one with the sea closeby? Was the beach right next to the campsite, and were there mosquitoes there?

littlemissbossy Thu 14-May-09 20:24:21

Hi mimzan

not been to the campsite but we've been to Ile de Noirmoutier and it was beautiful. Really lovely beach, clean white sand, canoes to hire and an ice cream parlour on the corner

MorocconOil Mon 01-Jun-09 22:46:18

LMB, If you're around,what was the mosquito situation? It's looking good so far.

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