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Pompeii/Naples with a 6 mo?

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sweetnitanitro Sun 22-Feb-09 14:32:41


apologies if this topic is already here, I've done a search and a google and not come up with an awful lot.

Can someone let me know if this is doable or whether it's a crazy stupid idea? My husband and I would like to have a long weekend away over Easter weekend and are thinking about going to Naples and visiting Pompeii. We are both fairly experienced travellers but this would be the first trip abroad with our daughter who will be 6 months old by then.

Has anyone been to Pompeii with a baby? I understand you can't really get a pushchair around easily but we have a baby carrier and we are pretty tough grin

Is this going to be a doable trip or am I being mental? I don't know much about travelling with a baby but I'm doing loads of research so I can be prepared.

tassisssss Sun 22-Feb-09 14:39:55

I don't know about Pompeii and Naples, sorry, but on travelling with a baby I'd say go for it. I probably wouldn't have with my first, but now I'm on my 3rd I say the baby stage is the easiest in terms of travelling (until they're at least 6!). Without wanting to depress you this could be the last time you get to do your sort of holiday (rather than a kiddie focussed one) for years! Go for it!

Do think about how you're planning to wean. I'd be happy with a banana and a few jars and I breastfeed, but I think first time round this would have been WAY too much for me!

sagacious Sun 22-Feb-09 14:43:43

Depends when you go

Pompeii can be absolutely baking hot, theres a pretty basic cafe (think transport style)

You would be fine with a baby carrier as long as it has a canopy to shade (I suppose)

sweetnitanitro Sun 22-Feb-09 14:56:05

Thanks! Good tip about the weaning. I am still BF at the moment and plan to be for sometime but I think she may be taking some solids by then as she's getting pretty hungry and growing fast grin so I shall have to see how things are in a month or so.

I am planning to go Easter weekend which is in mid-April. I've only been to Italy once (to Florence) and that was in May. It was really hot but I was led to believe it was unusual for that time of year. I suppose I ought to do some more research on the weather! I hope I have time to plan all this, it seems like there is so much to do she'll probably be 18 before we get away grin

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