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Realistically what will I need to take: 2 adults & 2 dd's (4 & 2) on summer hols

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merryandmad Sun 08-Feb-09 20:30:57

We have booked up our first family holiday abroad in June to Majorca (only 2.5 hour flight), but I am already panicing and have started a list.

Hopefully dd2 will be potty trained by then, but will still need the pushchair. What else?

We are going with my parents and sister and her dd.

What else did you take/forget and needed?

Please advise a terminal worrier

DLI Mon 09-Feb-09 20:20:17

sun canopy for the pushchair, take a few nappies just in case. drinking cup? (take two in case on gets lost, calpol!! upset tummy medication for toddlers. plenty of sun tan cream, a couple of toys, reigns so dd2 can toddle around, wet wipes and if she is not out of nappies take plenty of nappy bags, we went on holiday when DS was eighteen months old and ran out and couldnt buy any anywhere so we ended up using freezer bags!

merryandmad Wed 11-Feb-09 22:03:30

Thanks DLI- drinking cups wasn't on my list.
I am planning on buying a new parasol just case, upset tummy medication- all good ideas

elliott Wed 11-Feb-09 22:14:34

crikey I'm going on holiday on tuesday and I haven't written a list yet....
HAve you got a lot of free time on your hands wink

merryandmad Thu 12-Feb-09 19:56:46

I have so far brought 2 each for the girls those swimming costume all in one thingies and two towel ponchos.
I have also brought a ccouple of little summer outfits for them. By the time we actually go- i think I will be quite prepared smile

Ilovecurry Sun 15-Feb-09 10:46:52

Our 1st hol was to Majorca last year and we had a great time.

Sun suits with uv protection plus sand shoes

I got the ELC tent that folds down for the beach - fantastic and a god send!

Back pack full of NEW small toys, sticker books, crayons, etch a sketch type thing - great for the plane

Rice cakes, biscuits, bread sticks for snacking

I also took a small cool bag again for the beach

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