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Disneyland Paris Easter holidays

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Chrysanthamum Thu 08-Jan-09 20:31:41

Hi we're going to Normandy for Easter and are hoping to spend a couple of days in Disneyland and even a day in Paris. We've got a 1yr old and a 6yr old. Any ideas on basic, budget accomodation for a couple of nights? Is it possible to stay somewhere with easy access to Disney and the city? We'll probably land in CDG. Also is it advisable to get our tickets there or what. We're flexible with days, is midweek cheaper than weekends?
All tips welcome

mumblechum Fri 09-Jan-09 11:38:19

I took ds to DLP last April and stayed in a very central but basic hotel in Paris, so we had a day's sightseeing, hopping on and off the river boat, then a day at DLP. It's easy to get to DLP from central Paris on the train, it takes about half an hour/40 mins. We bought a day pass online from the disney website which was about £60 for the two of us, but he had to pay adult rate.

The hotel we stayed at was the Montpensier which was certainly basic, but v cheap, clean and 2 minutes walk from the Louvre.

Chrysanthamum Sat 10-Jan-09 19:38:44

Thanks,I'll check it out. £60 for the day is a bit cheaper than I expected. I presume my 6yr old will pay full price too though I'm hoping to get the baby in free! Do you think a day in DL is enough or would you have stayed longer?

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