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which car hire companies don't fleece you for car seats?

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littlefrog Wed 07-Jan-09 20:14:21

We're going to the Algarve in Feb and I'm looking for car hir - the car itself is cheap, but hiring a car seat is E7.50/day - half as much again as the cost of the car! We could take ours, of course, but are there any companies that don't make scandalous profits on car seat hire?!

DadInsteadofMum Wed 07-Jan-09 20:25:45

I always take our own anyway - I have received some manky looking car seats from car hire firms - and you have no way of knowing the history.

J2O Wed 07-Jan-09 22:34:18

we're going in April-got the car seat for E2 a day. We're going with economy car hire, their is a 5% off code floating about somewhere too if you want me to try and find it? We paid £172 for 10 days for a Diesel renault clio with air con.

nct73 Thu 08-Jan-09 10:00:16

Sorry can't help you but for those going to Canaries there is Autoreisen. We have booked with them for our impending holiday but not used before so other views on this company welcome (esp if bad as also do free cancellation so not too late to change companies). Cheaper than most plus car seat included and also second driver included. Found through maybe try through them with your specifics.

Hersetta Thu 08-Jan-09 11:40:37

We used carjet in spain and they only charge 2 euros a day for carseats.

sellorrenovate Thu 08-Jan-09 13:05:36

Take your own, it doesn't count against your baggage allowance and airlines don't charge extra.

littlefrog Mon 12-Jan-09 12:15:21

thanks for advice, that's really helpful!
We're flying easyjet and they DO charge for carseats unless you take them to the gate, which would be a nightmare (toddler seats are so heavy and bulky, I'm pg etc. etc.) So I think we do need to rent one. Will have a dig around and look at what J20 and Hersetta recommend.

CaurnieBred Thu 15-Jan-09 15:22:46

Easyjet have never charged us for taking the car seat; either Stage One or Stage 2. After an horrendous experience in France I would always take my own car seat with me.

EldonAve Thu 15-Jan-09 15:29:59

I would take your own seat
We have hired once in Germany but seen the seats on offer in Spain and elsewhere and they were v poor quality

fledtoscotland Sat 24-Jan-09 22:27:59

take your own. easyjet have never charged us either for seats and i have taken the babycarrier seat to the gate and had the stage1 put in the hold. we are planning on going to spain this year and will take our own again

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