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bellavita Tue 30-Dec-08 16:16:00

Does anyone own a timeshare and belong to Interval International?

For the last 3 years we have gone to our home resort in Florida, but this year have decided to go to Europe and use Interval International.

We have put our requests in for various places but they have only come back with one of the two weeks.

I am getting slightly panicky, as I am always organised and like to book flights etc but obviously we need to wait and see if the second week becomes available.

How long do you normally leave it ie. do you find that more places become available in the new year or do you find that places for Europe in the summer are limited?

bellavita Tue 30-Dec-08 17:06:51


cheshirekitty Mon 05-Jan-09 20:53:32

Can only say we had a timeshare in Florida and belonged to RCI. They never had any decent accommodation available, although they always had plenty of accommodation you could rent.

I believe Interval International are under the same umbrella as RCI.

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