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Stockholm - budget accommodation req'd

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dweezle Tue 23-Dec-08 15:40:43

4 days in Stockholm in January, just DH and I. We need accommodation, fairly central (although 4-5 km out of city centre is OK), and it needs to be cheapish, although DH is adamant he won't share a bathroom - more to do with his disgusting bathroom habits than anyone elses grin. Any suggestions?

pickupthismess Tue 23-Dec-08 15:45:41

I don't know what constitutes cheapish but we stayed at the Marriot which is a VERY nice hotel right in the centre for £90 a family room inc breakfast last January.

It is often worth shopping around some of the chains to see if they have good deals on. I don't think Jan is a time when they are typically full. It's worth trying to hammer them down.

dinkystinkyclaus Sat 27-Dec-08 15:08:10

Take a look at self catering accomodation - you can hire flats out there for long weekends. Swedish tourist board should help out. We stayed at |Nordic Light hotel - worked out at around £60 a night (but was a couple of years ago). Hotels tend to be pretty expensive out there from our research when we went out there so self catering may be the way to go.

swedishmum Mon 29-Dec-08 01:21:38

ParkInn is a travelodge type chain (though some hotels a bit smarter). Scandic and Radisson also have good deals from time to time. There's a boat hostel too.
I'm not remotely Swedish btw so not much use. I know there are apartments/rooms in Gamla Stan (the old town) at Lord Nelson/ Lady Hamilton hotels but may be expensive.

We stayed at Park Inns a couple of times and got good rates for weekends.

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