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laurawaterford Sat 12-Mar-05 12:25:35

after halving my ferry crossing cost (1700) out of ireland by cheap flights into paris, now finding car hire for our family of 7 is around 1000 euros for two weeks!!! have i saved anything by trawling through the internet for hours looking for bargains??!!!

if anyone can recommend car hire from paris (beauvois airport ideally) that might offer better rates than the usual big names, we'd be grateful

blossom2 Sat 12-Mar-05 12:58:08

i live in paris and unless you are planning day trips to the coast while you are here, i don't think you really need a car.

Parking is a NIGHTMARE - no really & seriously. You can never find a place. Also even when you have found a place, and there is some space b/w you and the other cars, you can be certain that some b*** will try and park there, hitting the cars until he gets their car it. I've seen it happen and we've had to do it when trying to get out of a space (street parking).

The metro is fast although the connections can be a walk and the RER is extremely fast.


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