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Taxis in Europe & car seats

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jlh69 Fri 31-Oct-08 18:01:35

What do you do about car seats in taxis in Europe? (well anywhere really) Thinking of going to Rome for a long weekend. If you get a taxi from the airport can a 15 month DD just sit on a lap?

sunnytimer Sat 01-Nov-08 11:59:59

Message withdrawn

Bucharest Sat 01-Nov-08 13:57:59

They would expect a child to sit in your lap in Italy. I'm considered a total freak because I even have a car seat.

sunnytimer Sun 02-Nov-08 12:47:47

Message withdrawn

jlh69 Sun 02-Nov-08 14:48:42


She is fine on a plane on our laps so won't get her a seat but I've found a shuttle service that do car seats from the airport anyway so will probably go for that. Still decideing whether to actually go!

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