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Anyone found any good last minute deals for next week?

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saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 10:31:07

Anywhere really...Lanzarote, Turkey, anywhere with a bit of late sun (though not mainland Spain as have done it to death).

MascaraOHara Fri 24-Oct-08 10:32:10

nope.. am trying to find somehwere..

uless you can fly from manchester or glasgow there is NOTHING

MascaraOHara Fri 24-Oct-08 10:32:35

well I say nothing.. if you want to spend £2k going to mahorca it's fine

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 17:54:32

It is dire!

Where do you want to fly from? If I come across anything I will link it here. We are family of 5 which makes things ridiculous.

MascaraOHara Fri 24-Oct-08 20:21:30


There;s just me and dd so equally hard as having to pay under occupancy subs everywhere.. I wouldn't mind but can't even find flights for a reasonable price.. flights on sunday to the canraies - over £800 EACH just for lfights!!!! it's riduclous.. think I've given up this afternoon to be honest

Everything that looks ok doesn't actually exist when i try and book

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 20:59:16

Yes, I found that too. Shall we just bang our heads against a brick wall?

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 21:21:02

When does your DD go back to school?

I have found £761 half board or £904 all-inc at Lanzarote Princess going from Gatwick for you but it is going on Thursday and was cheaper booking 2 adults.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 21:36:41

£758 all-inc to Marbella from Birmingham on Wednesday.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 21:36:42

£758 all-inc to Marbella from Birmingham on Wednesday.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 21:42:48

Can't believe this one £838 to Sharm El Sheikh all-inc going on Tuesday.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 21:43:18

That one from Gatwick.

saggyhairyarse Fri 24-Oct-08 22:03:08

Lanzarote: A99E8319321700BC

Marbella: ion45=All+London&destText=&sId=4&maxOffset=10&children=0&adults=2&searchType=advanced&dim14=16%2C6-9 +nights&depDay=25&expandThreshold=5&productId=689534618&accommodationName=&sourceType=1&resortAtmosp here=-1&minChildAge=2&maxResults=10&childAge0=-1&childAge1=-1&childAge2=-1&childAge3=-1&childAge4=-1 &childAge5=-1&childAge6=-1&childAge7=-1&maxChildAge=10&dimension7=All+inclusive&depAirportGroup=All+ London&dimension5=-1&discount=0.0&dateRange=20081020-20081030&depMonth=10&suitableFor=-1&durationRan ge=6-9&sortBy=7%2C0

Sharm El Sheikh: ion45=All+London&destText=&maxOffset=10&children=0&adults=2&searchType=advanced&dim14=16%2C6-9+night s&depDay=25&expandThreshold=5&productId=315106114&accommodationName=&sourceType=1&resortAtmosphere=- 1&minChildAge=2&maxResults=10&childAge0=-1&discount=0.0&childAge2=-1&childAge3=-1&childAge4=-1&child Age5=-1&childAge6=-1&childAge7=-1&maxChildAge=10&dimension7=All+inclusive&depAirportGroup=All+London &dimension5=-1&childAge1=-1&dateRange=20081020-20081030&depMonth=10&suitableFor=-1&view=resort&durat ionRange=6-9&sortBy=7%2C0

Hope these links work.

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