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disneyland Paris at new year

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easydoesit Thu 16-Oct-08 19:05:56

Hi everyone! has anyone been to disney Paris at new year? DD is 18 months and not sure if she's too young for it ie be scared of the characters! would we be better having a week in the sun??

DadInsteadofMum Thu 16-Oct-08 21:45:06

Have took my ds at 9 months, generally he liked the cuddly characters (including the monster from Monsters Inc) one or two made him nervous so we steered clear, but we went mainly for the older kids (then 5 &7 )who would enjoy the shows and the gentle rides. Do you have others dcs? if not would you be better off waiting til DD appreciates it?

Haven't been at new year, have been in February, wrap up warm and it is just as much fun as in the summer.

BibiThree Thu 16-Oct-08 21:46:13

W took dd the month she turned 2 and it was absolutely magical, she loved it! but i'd not take a younger child i don't think.

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