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Albuferia - what do you wish you had known before you booked?

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ScaryYellow Mon 06-Oct-08 21:35:39

hopefully going to book here for next yeat

before i part with my deposit what is the area like anyone know??;jsessionid=8F4AAA447A76EB8BEC02ABC26079F94B?type= hotel&interstitial=true&search=Search&hotel.hotelSearchDetails.checkinDate=20/10/08&hotel.hotelSearc hDetails.hotelRoom.numberOfAdults=1&hotel.typeOfSearch=keyword&hotel.hotelId=71919&hotel.hotelSearch Details.checkoutDate=27/10/08&hotel.hotelSearchDetails.numberOfRooms=1&models[%27hotelSearchView%27] .selectHotelDetails=true&models[%27hotelSearchView%27].singleHotelSearch=true


hope my link works

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