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Am I mad to consider a first birthday at Disneyland Paris?

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anxiousmum2b Sun 05-Oct-08 21:05:05

Just need some advice / moral support as an over anxious first time mum! We are considering going to Disneyland Paris for DS first birthday and staying in either the New York Hotel or the Newport Bay Club. We are planning on flying there on Easyjet, five adults and DS.

I am worried about how easy it is to get from the airport to Disney, whether we'll need a car seat if we could go by train to Disney? Also what the food is like as DS has had no junk food as yet!

Any tips, advice or help greatly appreciated - or I may spend the next two months worrying and trying to tell myself to get a grip!

wannaBe Sun 05-Oct-08 21:07:03

yes you are mad.

He is far too young for disneyland parris. wait at least another two years, three if possible.

SharkyandGeorge Sun 05-Oct-08 21:07:04

Disneyland Paris for a 1st birthday!!! I thought having parties was crazy enough.

poppy34 Sun 05-Oct-08 21:12:06

can only help with some of this ... yes you can go to eurodisney by train - french trains good -see her for site on info (val d'europe I think is the stop for disney but double check) [[ link]]

yes eurodisney is junk food based but there is salad bits (we went to food court place) plus loads of different outlets -plus there is a picnic area outside (that said people were defo sneaking stuff in). as for outside there are various restaurants so should be able to get something nice (plus most french supermarkest do qutie a good line in organic tyupe baby food).

and although a bit ott it is qutie baby friendly adn good if you've got a pushchiar

one word of warning though - airport facilities a bit minimal so don't expect over much to entertain you etc if you're delayed (which you almost always are)

poppy34 Sun 05-Oct-08 21:12:35

try that link again link

hana Sun 05-Oct-08 21:13:05

what would the 1 year old do except be pushed around in the buggy? I'd save your money for when they can take it all in

Habbibu Sun 05-Oct-08 21:14:08

Not sure he'll get a great deal out of it, tbh. I'd wait until he's older (unless it's an excuse for the rest of you to go!)

Szyslak Sun 05-Oct-08 21:14:17

Seems a bit ott taking a baby to Disneyland for his birthady.

Unless the traet is for you? As I think it will be pretty meaningless for him.

somersetmum Sun 05-Oct-08 21:14:51

First birthday: completely barking
Second birthday: yes
Third birthday: hmmm, maybe
Fourth birthday: go for it

Toothache Sun 05-Oct-08 21:16:04

Agree with others, if the treat is for you then fabbbbbbbbb! For the baby? No way... mine are 7 and 4 and I think they'd only appreciate now.


TurkeyLurkey Sun 05-Oct-08 21:16:36

If you are going there for him rather than yourselves I agree with the others that you would be wasting your money.
I've been twice, when you do go I'd go by Eurostar train all the way. Wait until he's at least 3 though.

Buda Sun 05-Oct-08 21:17:50

No way!

DS is 7 and we have held off Disney till he is old enough be appreciate it.

A 1 year old???? You are MAD!!!

EdithsMummy Sun 05-Oct-08 21:19:17

I've seen the ads on tv at the mo for Disneyland Paris where children under 7 go free etc and was seriously considering booking it, until I realised my 17month old wouldn't remember a thing of it! Think a 1 year old would be slightly OTT, for def. Perhaps next year? Hold out until it's an event they'll remember, enjoy and be excited about... smile

ChippyMinton Sun 05-Oct-08 21:19:34

Agee with the other posters that it's not worth taking a child until they are at least 3. Are you going in the winter? It gets very cold there, especially if you are hanging around with a buggy waiting for everonelese to enjoy the rides.

funnypeculiar Sun 05-Oct-08 21:19:35

Lord, no, don't bother. He won't be able to go on/enjoy 'rides' (& how bored will he get in the queues, poor thing?; he won't know who the characters are, what's the point? And the food is truly awful - I went as an adult pre dcs and we were so disapointed to find the whole thing was pizzas and pasta rather than decent french food.

We went by train, & that does chuck you out right near the site, iirc ...

ChippyMinton Sun 05-Oct-08 21:20:04

everyone else, sorry!

Mutt Sun 05-Oct-08 21:21:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipkid Sun 05-Oct-08 21:24:36

went to disneyland paris in July. There is very little that your one year old will be able to enjoy in reality. The food is crap and eyewateringly expensive. the best way to get to disneyland paris from the airport is by TGV takes 10 minutes and there is a station at the gates of the park. However getting on the train with luggage babies and buggies is a nightmare-the trains are usually bang on time for a reason! they wait for no man!
I took a 7 year old and nearly 4 year old. I would never go with a baby

noonki Sun 05-Oct-08 21:24:58

absolutley HUGE waste of money
inivite a few close friends/family

bake a cake, sing happy birthday, and let him eat the cake

then get a bit teary about him

open some wine, look at newborn photos and get a bit more teary!

we didn't get any of ours a pressie let alone go anywhere!

Bettyboobird Sun 05-Oct-08 21:27:47

I'm going to go against the grain here but...go for it! My dd is 3 and we have taken her 4 times already and we're about to go back again next month. She hasn't been for a year and she often talks about it and remembers things from the last time we went and she was only 2!

dd2 is 16 months and this will be her 2nd time. When we went last time she was 5/6 months and it was pretty simple to be honest. No probs with the buggy, food etc. Had a great time. She was looking at everything going on around her and loved the constant music and general bustle. She was mesmerised with Micky Mouse and squeezed his nose when he leant in for a kiss lol!

It doesn't have to be too expensive, we always stay off-site, so I don't see it as wasted money.

Besides, I couldn't care less if the kids DON'T remember it- dh and I love it grin

Bettyboobird Sun 05-Oct-08 21:29:02

BTW, we always drive, so I can't offer advise on flying or taking the train smile

Sycamoretree Sun 05-Oct-08 21:49:46

Yes, you are mad. You should wait until he is 3. He will be tired, irritable and will not remember a single thing about it. Take him for a day at a zoo, or a farm - they usually are quite responsive to animals at this age.

It's lovely you are so excited to do this for your DS, but really, this is more about you than him if you go - sorry, I'm just being honest and trying to save you a wasted trip. I promise, sit on your money and go in a couple of years and you will have an AMAZING time, and your DS will count it among his first memories. smile

Cammelia Sun 05-Oct-08 22:00:09

Do not do it, especially if its in the winter. He will get frozen. It will be hell.

Wait till he's 6 for best experience imo.

Szyslak Sun 05-Oct-08 22:09:03

Ahhhh, come back, anxiousmum.

We've all been rather harsh, and rained on your parade, of what you thought was a lovely idea for a speical 1st birtday.

Don't feel got at, it's all very honest opinion but not meant as a personal attack.

Despite all opinion here, if this feels like a really lovely special thing for you and your family to do then go for it!!!

1st birthdays are really about the parents, if this will create wonderful memories for you then stick with your plansmile.

anxiousmum2b Sun 05-Oct-08 22:26:58

Thank you for your comments good and bad! TBH a big part of it is because we have had a really difficult year (loads of family problems) and want to be away from everyone here with people we care about rather than people getting uppity because we are not doing what they think we should do or inviting everyone and their dog for a party which I can't cope with!

I'm struggling to think of somewhere else that we could go that would be baby friendly, abroad but not too far to escape family stress for the birthday!

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