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Thanks Marbeth Oceania Club has set the bench mark for next year where to next?

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firstmum45 Sun 21-Sep-08 18:48:29

Just had a fantastic summer break at the Oceania Club 5 star all inclusive hotel in Halkidiki Greece.

For the first time since having DD I really felt as if I had had a holiday!!!!

DD is 3 so am really pleased. Could not fault the place, food, accommodation, entertainment and staff.

I kept calling the place a stepford hotel because everything was so perfect and all the staff were very pleasant and in a genuine way.grin

So where too next year? If you have stayed here then you wiil know what I am looking for.

As the world is a big place would like to try same sort of thing but somewhere else can anyone suggest anything.

Marbeth if you are out there have you been to anywhere else with this sort of standard oh and all inclusive seems to suit us with a small child at the moment?


bellavita Sun 21-Sep-08 18:53:25

We went here to the Sheraton Algarve last October half term, it was really very nice.

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