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Eurostar Brussels/Bruges with 10 month old?

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newbiemumzee Fri 12-Sep-08 17:41:56

I am looking for a short break for myself, dh and 10 month old dd in early Oct. I'm considering taking the Eurostar to Brussels or Bruges, but wondered how easy or difficult it is with baby and pram? dd is quite small, we have a Quinny Zapp but she still uses it with the maxi cosi car seat as she can't sit comfortably in the pram seat.I wonder if this is going to be a problem as I've heard there's not much storage space on the trains themselves.
Also for those who have been before, how did you get around, did you use public transport?

I really would like the trip to be as hassle free as possible as the last thing I want to be is stressed, otherwise I'll go back to looking at holidaying in the UK!

Seeline Sat 13-Sep-08 15:31:21

If you go to Bruge you really don't need public transport as it is very small. we went for four days and walked everywhere apart from a trip on the canals. If you're plaaning on going further afield you will need to use it. The local train from Brussels to Bruge was very good. I would say though that most of the roads in Bruges are cobbled so I hope your buggy has good suspension!!

Hi newbiemumzee,

I've travelled on the Eurostar with my kids (in prams and pushchairs) a couple of times before, and if you can opt to travel off-peak (ie not with all the commuters), the journey will be much less crowded!

Also, before you book your tickets, ask to reserve seats in the 'family carriage' of the Eurostar. These carriages have a certain number of folding seats that, when retracted, enable you to park your pram / pushchair upright next to your seat.

Furthermore, you are more likely to find fellow travelling companions with young children in this section of the train, making the journey that little less stressful.

Good luck! The logistics can be daunting but in reality, I think it's a relatively easy way to travel with little ones

AbbiCheapflightsTravelExpert x

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