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Can anyone suggest where to stay in cyprus

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murraysp Wed 10-Sep-08 14:17:19

Looking to go to Cyprus (possibly the West side) with DH and DS who is 10 months old, the first or second week of October this year. Has anyone been to any good self catering accomodations - I'm frantically trying to get something booked soon? Mny thanks in advance.

PinkChick Wed 10-Sep-08 14:21:43

Hi we stayed in Nissi Bay last year in aug and going back in just over 2 weeks, we stayed in vassos nssi plage apartments (connected to hotel), they were cleana nd large but basic.Wouldnt use hotel as hotel rooms were badly reveiwed but apartments were fine.
Staying in diff hotel this year, purely for bigger pool etc.

Nissi bay itself was lovely, lots of nice resteraunts, lovely beach with little island you can paddle across toosmile

Next year we are going to Coral Bay, near Pathos on the west side, it looks beautiful and we al have children from 3-9 is meant to be around 30's so still nice, but even last year in mid of aug is was actually very bearable despite being more towards 40's!..funny how we adjust!smile

smartiejake Wed 10-Sep-08 14:33:57

We stayed in Coral bay a few years ago at easter. Weather was lovely and warm but not blisteringly hot (as you might expect for April)

Lovely town (not huge) with a good range of restaurants and a really lovely beach.

Pathos is not far away at all for a bigger shopping centre and lots more restaurants.

Also only about 15/ 20 mins from Pathos Airport so transfer does not take forever.

We stayed in a Villa within walking distance of the town (think we got it through James Villas)

murraysp Wed 10-Sep-08 14:40:54

Marvellous thanks. I had read up on Coral Bay and it sounds like a nice area with a good sandy beach - which helps when you want to get away from the complex. I'll take a look at Nissi Bay too. Thanx smile

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