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Suggestions for the best way to do a whistle-stop tour of Europe in November please

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bran Mon 08-Sep-08 20:30:44

My BIL and his family (wife, 2 kids, his MIL and SIL) live in Malaysia. They are coming to London on holiday from 18th November for about 3 weeks. They would like to see Europe (preferably France, Germany and Ireland) and some snow as well as staying in London for a bit.

I can organise the London part of the stay and I was thinking of suggesting that they do a coach tour to see some of mainland Europe. Can anyone recommend some good tour companies who would have tours happening at that time of year? Or is there a better way of touring around Europe? They are not innocents abroad but neither are they very seasoned travellers and the only European language they speak is English so I think that organising everything themselves (train tickets or driving etc) would be a lot of work and not terribly enjoyable for them.


TheRealMrsJohnSimm Tue 09-Sep-08 13:56:25

Have you thought about an Inter Rail pass? (or at least that's what they were called in the good old days!!). If I recall correctly, you can purchase different types of pass - depending on which countries you want to travel to. If they are flying into London, they could start by Euro star into Paris, I guess? No idea how they work to be honest but would be worth googling.

The only coach tours I have ever come across would be the Kontiki (I think....memory bit hazy on that one). But the only people I know who have done them are kiwis/aussies who are prob not what you are looking for!

bran Wed 10-Sep-08 20:08:33

I don't think a rail pass would be that great as they would still need to do so much of the organisation and planning themselves. But your rail idea is great, there are a few rail tours that leave from London so I have sent my SIL links to those. Quite a few go to various towns that have great Christmas markets which I think would be a fabulous cultural experience for people who live in the tropics.

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