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Help needed, we need to book our Honeymoon asap and I'm struggling.

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LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 18:33:15

We're not regular travellers (been away abroad once) we would like to go to Kefalonia for our honeymoon september next year, pil have offered to take our dd's on holiday with them at the same time to Zante but mil wants to book asap so now i'm rushing to find somewhere that lets us fly from the midlands a day or two after the wedding (12th sept) and gets us back in time for dd2's birthday and is nice but not so expensive we can't afford it.

I'm even thinking if we can't find anything we could move the wedding forward by a week possibly but only if we hurry up and the church and reception will let us!

Can anyone help me out please? Panicking....breath......panicking!

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 18:58:23

Can anyone recommend a good website to try?

MegBusset Mon 08-Sep-08 18:59:43

Have you tried Opodo, Expedia, Lastminute?

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 19:09:52

LoveMyGirls - I have just had a look at a website called "on the beach", I have a friend that has used them before.

You can go from the East Midlands on the 13th September 2009 to Kefalonia, you put in your flight details and then choose your hotel.

I put in 4 star for you and I managed to get the whole thing for about £1256 all inclusive - not sure if this is around your budget or not, but you go onto the website you can play around with it and ask for lesser star hotels or do half board or inland view instead of sea view etc etc.

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 19:11:11

here you go

hifi Mon 08-Sep-08 19:12:33

why all the rush? im sure you can do a bit of reaserch and make sure you get everything
right in your own time.
its not in peak season and in todays climate im sure things arnt getting booked up.
saying that you may be better going through a large travel company, thomas cook, thompsons etc who will arrange everything. good luck.

hifi Mon 08-Sep-08 19:16:26


milge Mon 08-Sep-08 19:20:29

another one to try

milge Mon 08-Sep-08 19:21:09

Also try Simply Travel, or Simpson ( ad above). We have travelled with both companies and are good.

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:04:07

Thanks everyone.

Bellavita - I've looked on that site and I must be quite dim because I can't find what you found blush It says I can fly on the 10th or 15th but not 13th sad

Hifi - your's I can only fly from manchester on the 12th or the 19th.

Off to search the ones you suggested now milge.

I'm starting to worry we might have to try and change the date of the wedding.

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:08:18

Forgot to say budget is no more than £1000

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:11:26

Mildge simply travel came up with 5 matches but all far too much for our budget the other one is searching for results now..

Sorry meg missed you, i'll check those now.

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 21:19:05

oh - let me go back and have a look

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:19:44

opodo I couldn't get on with the website, it wouldn't let me put the date in the search so i gave up after 4 attempts.

Expedia won't let me search past aug 2009 and the same with lastminute

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 21:22:57

Have just been back on - flying to Kefalonia on 13th September 2009 with freedom flights at 14.55

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 21:29:43

staying for 7 days 2 adults Your Flight Flying out on 13 September 2009 Departs East Mids at 14:55 Arrives Kefalonia at 20:30 Reference: XLA160 Flying back on 20 September 2009 Departs Kefalonia at 21:30 Arrives East Mids at 23:10 Reference: XLA161 Flights Price: 2 adults x £266.00 Flight price includes flight seat, passenger duty, fuel supplement and ticket on departure/delivery fee. Flights Total: £532.00 Choose Alternative Flights Your Hotel Karavados Beach Hotel Karavados *** 1 x Half Board, Twin Room Hotel Total: £406.00 Change Hotel Online Booking Discount: £26.26 Early Booking Full Payment Discount: £18.23 Total Holiday Cost: £893.51 here

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:46:00

The link wont work but thanks for helping me I really appreciate it.

LoveMyGirls Mon 08-Sep-08 21:47:28

We would ideally fly on the 14th but it's not giving me options for that either.

Worried now about booking for the 13th and them changing afternoon flights to morning flights and us still being too drunk from the night before to get to the airport.

bellavita Mon 08-Sep-08 21:49:09

I don't know why you are not getting the 13th - let's me do it everytime.

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