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Disneyland Paris questions...

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LittleDorrit Mon 01-Sep-08 12:30:21

I am going to Paris with my mother and 2.5 year old DD in October. We would like to go to Disneyland just for one day (and spend the rest of time in Paris doing things that all three of us can hopefully enjoy !) grin

The plan is to arrive near Disneyland Paris in the afternoon, stay one night in hotel there, spend the next day in Disneyland, and then that evening travel back to Paris.

Does that sounds ok? Can anyone recommend a nice hotel close to Disneyland? (not Disney themed !)

Also, can you recommend any Paris hotels? Mid-priced, well located.


frankie3 Mon 01-Sep-08 15:17:42

We stayed in the New York Hotel which was really nice and very close to the park and Eurostar(10 min walk). It you are only there for one day you want to be as close as you can, and the New York Hotel is the second closest hotel to the Park. It has a character in the foyer downstairs but is not at all Disney themed.

Have a great time. Try to not miss the parade, which is the highlight - I think it is at 4pm.

PrimulaVeris Mon 01-Sep-08 15:25:24

The Disney hotels tend to sell packages which mean 1 night/2days in park, or 2 nights/3 days etc - check out their website

It may be worth looking at hotels Dream Castle/Holiday Inn which are a bit further away but have a very efficient shuttle bus service, and buy your park ticket separately

Park opens at 10.00am, but queuing at park gate starts 09.30. Make sure you've got the day planned and get your fastrack passes sorted!

ClairePO Mon 01-Sep-08 15:31:22

There are a few hotels near Disneyland Paris that aren't Disney themed but are 'partner' hotels and have free frequent shuttle bus transfers.

We stayed in one just last week, it wasn't luxurious and was a bit basic but clean and efficient. Like you intend to we only did one night so it was OK for us. It was called the Kyriad and it was Euro100 per night. Not sure what the other hotels in the same area are called sorry. There's a row of about 4 of them, with the Kyriad at the end.

Fimbo Mon 01-Sep-08 15:41:16

We stayed at the Dream Castle. Fine for the first couple of nights and then we had a very loud French man and his son move in next door. Boy were they loud, very very loud, you could hear their conversation word for word, albeit in French. Our 2 couldn't sleep until the french boy went to sleep and that was after midnight. He was up again by 6.30/7.00 the next day - my dc were exhausted.

Food is majorly over priced too for what it is. Do not eat in the hotels if you can help it - very expensive.

handlemecarefully Mon 01-Sep-08 15:43:20

Just curious regarding what 'other' things you think your 2.5 year old might be able to enjoy (along with you and your mum) in Paris other than DLP?

I've done a few city breaks (London, Paris, New York, Boston)with small children. I've found that city breaks with littlies in tow are markedly different experiences than the city breaks of yesteryear with just myself and dh. Keep your expectations realistic.

gingernutlover Mon 01-Sep-08 18:41:46

if you stay at a disney hotel or certain selected hotels you get 2 extra hours in the park every morning, so so worth it

we have just been to disney paris and stayed at davey crockett ranch which is a 15 min drive from the park, which was fine, but be aware the time from getting to the car park, queueing at the barrier, parking, walking into disney takes about 30 mins!

if we go back we will def stay on site - much less bother and so worth it

LittleDorrit Tue 02-Sep-08 14:13:27

Thanks to everyone for your very helpful responses.

Handlemecarefully - I know what you mean, but I think she will enjoy things like the Luxemburg Gardens, the Centre Pompidou, etc. In London we often go the Tate Modern and other places like that. I know we have to be realistic, and hence the trip to Disneyland ! grin

LittleDorrit Wed 03-Sep-08 11:09:35

Have now booked a two day/two night package a the Sequoia Lodge ! I am quite excited - can't wait to see DD's face when we get there !!

PrimulaVeris Wed 03-Sep-08 11:20:39

Have a fab time, LittleD & little LittleD

poorbuthappy Wed 03-Sep-08 11:23:42

LD - we went to Sequioa Lodge in April and loved it!
Just a pointer - don't despair at the queues for breakfast, they go down quickly...

NicMac Wed 03-Sep-08 12:51:01

Holiday Inn was fantastic value and only 5 mins away by complimentary bus

MingMingtheWonderPet Wed 03-Sep-08 13:11:14

Am thinking of booking the Explorers Hotel. Anybody been there, have any experience of it?

LittleDorrit Wed 03-Sep-08 14:14:11

Thanks Primula and PBH !

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