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Q's for holiday to Lemnos (Neilsons)

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barny2 Sun 31-Aug-08 13:39:19


Please could someone answer a few questions I have re: our forthcoming trip to Lemnos.

1. Can you buy SMA Gold baby formula anywhere?

2. Our son is only 6 months old is there any pureed food provided? Or can you buy any ready made meals? (I've heard it can only be bought from a chemist and only 2 flavours - we're going for 2 weeks, so this would be a bit limiting).

3. Can you pack baby food in your luggage?

4. Can you buy pampers nappies easily?

5. Can you buy swim nappies?

6. Can you take cartons of baby milk onto the plane, or through customs?

Many thanks in advance, I bet I think of more questions as soon as I sign off.

janinlondon Mon 01-Sep-08 11:33:53

Try asking on the Neilson forums on their website? Often the manager of the hotel can answer all of these questions, or they may have been asked before (do a search). Neilson are very good at dealing with these sorts of questions.

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