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Holiday buddy please?! Leaving 5/6/7th Sept for 7 nights.

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tamula Wed 27-Aug-08 23:56:10


very sane and normal (ish!) mum of 2 dd1 3 and dd2 21months.

has been offered the chance to go away for a week, snag is that its only for me and girls as hubby cant come due to work commitments.

I was thinking cheap and cheerful and have researched this place 234.html

You may have to cut and paste!

I work with children am CRb checked, erm, dry sense of humour, dear lord i dont know what to write here that would motivate someone to want to come on holiday with me hmm

if you are avail on the same dates that I am and you are a female mum, with preferably children under 5 then do get in touch here:

Please dont make me go alone, I'll be a right saddo on the beach in my cossie that i'll have to keep pulling out from my bottom every time i get up to fetch dd2 from eating the sand.

Tam x

nappyaddict Thu 28-Aug-08 01:16:12

I am a mum of 20 with a 2 year old ds. that web page doesn't exist though. what would the cost be?

tamula Thu 28-Aug-08 07:30:37


I didnt put my age, 33. I am based in London.

The cost for me and my 2 girls is £755.

Sorry about the link, i just copied from the page i was viewing i can see now that it doesnt show the same thing that i see, its 7 nights in Palma, Majorca in a 3* hotel with provision for children.


nappyaddict Thu 28-Aug-08 11:07:53

Do you know how much it would be for me and my son?

tamula Thu 28-Aug-08 12:45:36

no, sorry. smile

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