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Anyone been to La Manga ? Is it any good with a toddler ?

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rookiemater Tue 26-Aug-08 21:47:47

Hi we are looking to go away last week in October and thinking about La Manga.

Our DS will be 2 1/2 by then. He probably won't be nappy trained by that stage.

Does anyone know if the kids club takes children of that age , or if there are nannies available ? I don't want him to go in all week, but Dh and I do rather dream about having an afternoon lounging by the pool reading our books rather than constantly being on kamikaze pool jumping toddler guard.

What is La manga like generally are the restaurants and activities any good ?


ScaryHairy Wed 27-Aug-08 21:32:30

I've been to La Manga Club.
It works for us because we prefer self-catering to hotels.
There is a kids club run by the Hyatt which I think takes children from 2.5. It is expensive (I think I overheard someone say 65 Euro for a half day) but they have some great activities on and the kids do look happy.
There are 3 golf courses, a driving range, lots of tennis courts, a big communal pool (in addition to the private ones or pools shared by complexes). There's also a pool at the Las Lomas apartments (which are serviced by the Hyatt).
There is a nice spa at Las Lomas too.
The beach is small and rocky but it is an easy drive to sandy beaches.
In terms of eating out there are lots of restaurants on the complex. They tend to be quite tolerant of screaming children and at least one of them opens pretty early and does cheap (free?) meals for children. Some of them are very good and a number do takeaway.

Lots of people live some or all of the year at the Club (you can buy houses and apartments there) and so there are local people who babysit also. If you book with one of the companies who specialise in LMC (e.g. Barwells, Design Holidays) they may be able to recommend someone for you if you want a night out.

rookiemater Thu 28-Aug-08 16:37:29

Thanks Scaryhairy. I think DH is going to book tonight and we are going for a couple of afternoons in the kids club, it is dear but hopefully DS will be ok.

We will probably book through James villas but good suggestion about the babysitting, I have the kids club telephone number so I will see if they have any contacts. Mind you if we are having a couple of afternoons without DS we probably won't feel the need to go out in the evening.

hifi Thu 28-Aug-08 16:47:22

we went in low season, a girlfriend and i. check what facilities will be open as they close lots of things in low season.

not the most beautiful area of spain,was full of pissed up 60+ golfers.

rookiemater Thu 28-Aug-08 22:24:21

Thanks Hi fi. Its too late now we have booked. Still at least the kids club is open grin

hifi Thu 28-Aug-08 23:06:38

not saying it was totally awfull, good tapas restaurant on site. we still had a good time, enjoy.

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