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Med, possibly Cyprus next May half-term?

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whatdayisit Sun 24-Aug-08 21:10:55

Following a cold & miserable week by the sea in England, I am cheering myself up by thinking about next year's holiday.

I am determined to go the the sun (haven't been abroad for the last 8 years) and ATM am thinking Cyprus, for no better reason that the Kelftiko TBH.

Any recommendations for resorts/apartments etc?

I have been once before a long time ago and we stayed in Phaphos, which I loved, but I suspect it's become a lot more commercialised since? What I'd like (whether in Greece/Spain/France) is to see the "real" country - no egg and chips etc! We have DS's 5&7, so needs to be something for them to do, but not kids clubs, as I prefer to have my family with me on a family holiday. Would like pool, beach and something locally to see/visit, but not museums.

What have been your best family holidays in the med?

nicolasmum Mon 25-Aug-08 12:04:04

How about Turkey.....might find it cheaper than Cyprus with the euro. If you want the real country look at Akyaka, no high rise in site, only mountains, no English bars etc. Its where the turkish go on holiday. Lovely clean sandy beach[blue flag]shallow sea, ideal for children. The Yucelen is a lovely hotel right on the beach.....Anatolian Sky go there or book direct, might work out cheaper. Or H4U also go into the village. There's a 33yr English girl who offere babysitting if you wanted a meal out without the children. Look at for more information.

whatdayisit Mon 25-Aug-08 16:26:06

Turkey...? I've only been the once and that was to the back of beyond and I loved it, but will I be scared with the children? i.e. (and sorry to be be stereotypically English) what if I need a doctor etc? What you describe does sound lovely though, will make a note and do some research, thanks.

nicolasmum Mon 25-Aug-08 20:34:18

You will love Aykaka, it's safer there than over here in the uk. You'll have no trouble if you need a doctor as there is an excellent clinic in the village[speak some english] helpful chemists[english spoken] and the english girl who offers childcare has qualifications, first aid, GB police check, loads of experience and speaks fluent Turkish.

ShittyCatsLawyer Mon 25-Aug-08 20:37:10 alert alert this place aters for families bigger than 5!!!! wowsers

where is ankaya

nicolasmum Mon 25-Aug-08 20:52:11

Akyaka is about 1 hour drive from Marmaris and 2 hour drive from Bodrum. Flights need to be to Dalaman and it's about a 1 hour drive.
Not sure where Ankaya is though

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