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Help! Urgent! Will they let me take DS3's travel sickness meds (Phenergan) on the plane?

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SixSpotBurnet Tue 19-Aug-08 10:48:18

DS3 and I are off to Ireland tonight. Have all toiletries in small bottles packed in clear plastic bag! BUT will they let me take unopened bottle of Phenergan for him on plane???

LIZS Tue 19-Aug-08 10:49:44

how large is it ? Do you have a prescripiton to show in case ?

SqueakyPop Tue 19-Aug-08 10:50:11

Yes, it will be fine.

SixSpotBurnet Tue 19-Aug-08 10:52:11

I got it on prescription but have given the prescription slip to the chemists.

SqueakyPop - you really think so? Phew!

hoxtonchick Tue 19-Aug-08 10:52:30

is it less than 100ml? if not, could you decant it into the right size bottle? or dose him up before going through airside?

good luck! hope you have a lovely holiday.

SqueakyPop Tue 19-Aug-08 10:57:15

From the BAA website:

Only limited quantities of liquids may be carried through security control as hand baggage. This includes bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.

The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols taken through security control:

• Liquid items may only be carried in containers holding up to 100ml.

• They must be carried separately in a single transparent, resealable plastic bag.

• The bag must be no larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in) and all items must fit inside so that it closes properly.

• At security control the bag must be placed separately on the conveyor belt for screening.

• Liquid items larger than 100ml should be packed in your hold luggage – otherwise they will be confiscated.

Exceptions to the 100ml rule can be made for baby food or milk. However, you should only carry what you need for the flight, and you may be asked to taste these items at security control.
Exceptions may also be made for medicines. However, you may be asked to taste any liquid medicines, or to provide evidence (such as a doctor's letter) that you need them for your journey.

SqueakyPop Tue 19-Aug-08 10:58:17

Can't you give him the Phenergan before the flight and put the bottle in your checked luggage?

cmotdibbler Tue 19-Aug-08 10:58:20

If it has the prescription label on it that the chemists put on, it'll be fine (it might be on the box or the bottle).

SixSpotBurnet Tue 19-Aug-08 11:41:56

It's not really for the flight - more for car journeys on the other side.

SoupDragon Tue 19-Aug-08 11:45:18

If you don't need it for the flight, you can put it in your hold luggage surely? If you need a dose=, take a preloaded dosage syringe in a plastic bag.

SoupDragon Tue 19-Aug-08 11:46:09

you may need an "over" dose as they might want you to taste it.

SixSpotBurnet Tue 19-Aug-08 11:46:26

Not taking hold luggage.

silverfrog Tue 19-Aug-08 11:55:31

medical exemption works, but we got our doctor to sign a letter saying we needed our items (were actually food/drink items, not meds)

However, we explained to security that dd1 was disabled, and had a need for these items (we had to take her drink, in 200ml cartons, not in 100ml clear bottles, as she will only drink it from the carton) and had to take food (fish pie! - normally airlines restrict "wet" food too, but dd1 won't eat sandwiches etc - we had an 11 hour flight, and she couldn't eat the aeroplane food...) and everyone was extremely helpful - we didn't have to show our letter, or taste any drinks etc. needless to say, all our items did not fit into the clear plastic bag (had a Trunki suitcase stuffed with food/drinks for her)

I think, to a certain extent, it depends on the individual security person.

hope it all goes smoothly

SqueakyPop Tue 19-Aug-08 11:56:06

How big is the bottle?

Aimsmum Tue 19-Aug-08 11:59:09

Message withdrawn

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