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tenerife in early nov - too cold? where to stay (cheap!)?

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MizZan Mon 18-Aug-08 16:34:56

Hi - we're considering a trip to Tenerife the 1st week of November with our 2 dcs 3 and 6 yo, but have never been and am not sure if it's too cold at that time? we would want to be spending most of our time at the beach (though not necessarily in the water).

and - can anyone recommend a good and not expensive place to stay and/or resort? we'd fly to tenerife south. our wishes are: not overly commercial but ideally not middle of nowhere either, needs 2 separate bedrooms due to major kiddo sleep issues, does not need to be fancy but does need to be clean, and self-catering would prob. suit us best. no kids club needed but family-friendly beach would be great. And...not too expensive - we are on a SERIOUS budget!


mumma2cjh Tue 19-Aug-08 09:35:47

Columbus Hotel is always cheap and popular

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