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PortAventura theme park, anyone been ? Can you help me decide about tickets please

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IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 13:40:50

We will be staying minutes away from the park, and have said that we will go, as the kids know about it and won't let me not go LOL.

Have had a look on the site at the ticket prices and they do prices for 1 days entry, prices for 2 consecutive days and then seperate prices again for the water parc.

They also do a ticket which you can buy before you go, but I am not entirley sure what it covers. It says 7 days for the price of 3, and then asks you to pick a start date. I assume then that they mean that your ticket is then valid for that whole 7 days and you can go as often as you like.

It doesn't cover the water park bit though.

I am very confused.

hughjarssss Sun 10-Aug-08 13:50:20

I went a few years ago. We brought tickets before we went and the tickets we had allowed us unlimited entry to the park IIRC.

The water park is fantastic and my nephews (9 and 10 at the time ) loved it. It was one of the best days of the holiday.
There is another water park in Salou (the one with sea lions) but we thought it was pants compared to the Port aventura one, it was really run down and just crappy.

The theme park is really good as well, but when we went is was just too damm hot to be walking around a theme park.
Food and drinks are quite dear inside IIRC so try to take you're own.

Hope you have a great holiday! grin

hughjarssss Sun 10-Aug-08 13:51:18

I think we had to pay extra for the water park

IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 13:52:40

Thanks [girn]

Did you buy a ticket that covered entry to both the theme park and the water park, or buy seperatly ??

There are that many different options I am getting really confused.

I only want to do the theme park once really, but may possibly go to the water park more if it is really good.

JudgeNutmeg Sun 10-Aug-08 13:55:55

We went when our children were about 5 and 7 and stayed at the El Paso, just down the road. We went to the theme park everyday and just did the little-kid things and took it easy. You can hire big stroller type things and my 5yo often hopped aboard when his legs got tired and it was great for all the bags of gumph we ended up with. It was very pleasant in the evenings and having a weeks ticket meant that we never had to 'get our moneys worth' by staying all day. I am anti theme-parks generally but I thought it was very nice for the children.

The water park was really good too. Have fun!

hughjarssss Sun 10-Aug-08 13:56:51

I can't really remember - sorry!

But I have just looked at the site and it says:

Passes purchased in the UK entitle customers to a 50% discount on a one day caribe aquatic park ticket.

So if you buy tickets before you go, entry to the water park will be half price

IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 14:00:55

Ahh I missed that bit.

Thanks both.

I need to speak to my mum about it I think, as she hates theme parks.

hughjarssss Sun 10-Aug-08 14:02:54

"Caribe Aquatic Park tickets must be purchased in resort.
Show your PortAventura ticket to claim 50% discount.
Prices: Adults ?21.50 Children ?17.50 Disabled ?11.50.
Prices are applicable to the opening of Caribe Aquatic Park from 24/05 until 14/09"

So you buy water park tickets when you're there.

In the theme park, there are also fireworks in the evenings and lots of things going on eg parades.

So if I was going again I would purchase tickets for the theme park before I went. That way you get unlimited entry for 7 days, you and pick and choose what you want to see and what days you want to go and like judgenutmeg said, you're not resticted to having to do a whole day there.

And you also get half price to the Carribe Water Park.

IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 14:03:54

Thanks, that sounds like a good plan to me.

tootiredtothink Sun 10-Aug-08 14:38:48

How exciting! I am going there on Saturday grin.

I bought our tickets on We got 14 days for price of 3 so I can choose when we go over the hols (please god only let them drag me there one or two times!!)

I can't see that offer on the site at the moment but i did have to phone them yesterday as had deleted my e-mail and the were most helpful, so it's worth giving them a ring.

I also had a discount code so if you do decide to go through them i shall try to dig it out for you. For the 3 of us (although didn't have to pay for ds as he is under 4), it cost £85 for the 2wks.

chatee Wed 27-Aug-08 11:14:46

thanks to this thread and link we bought our portaventura ticket here and had no problems whatsoever.
we have just got back so if you have any other questions before you go just shout, otherwise i'll come back later and give a quick resume for any one interested

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