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Has anyone been to Sardinia?

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2sugars Sat 09-Aug-08 08:54:37

That can let me know the best place to stay in Cagliari (sp) Any thoughts/opinions/what we should do for a week appreciated.

2sugars Sat 09-Aug-08 09:02:55

Anyone? First flight in 11 years, so better make it special hmm

2sugars Sat 09-Aug-08 09:51:41

Shameless bump, just in case ....

Overmydeadbody Sat 09-Aug-08 09:53:57

Sorry never been to Cagliari but have travelled extensively more centrally in Sardinia and have always camped, so can highly recommend pretty much all the campsites.

Have also rented villas and would recommend that if you are not camping, it worked out much cheaper than a hotel for a group of us and is much easier with kids etc.

ToughDaddy Sat 09-Aug-08 10:06:43

i went to Sardinia a few years ago. Further north though. Wonderful beaches!!!!

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sat 09-Aug-08 14:50:33

Hi 2sugars.

We have just come back from 2 weeks at Hotel Flamingo in Santa Margherita di Pula - 40 minutes from Cagliari. It was so lovely there (and extremely hot) that we never made it into Cagliari itself to visit so cannot offer advice specifically on that town I am afraid. Having said that, the Castello area is supposed to be worth a visit in the town - its the oldest part of the town and full of winding streets. Other places to visit very close to Cagliari would be Chia (approx 1 hour away). Its absolutely stunning - white sand and beautifully warm turquoise water. If you are after a bit of history......visit Nora to see the remains of the roman village. It really is an amazing place to see and even DS's aged 4 and 8 got fired up about it .

In terms of staying anywhere, are you aware that most hotels insist on half board minimum during August?

Have you tried Trip Advisor forums for info on what to do/see/where to stay?

Hope this is of some use to you

ToughDaddy Sat 09-Aug-08 17:48:56

i recall that the mid day temperature was so high we had to do siesta. Worked well as evenings were very pleasant and children stayed out with us for dinner.

Rosa Sat 09-Aug-08 18:03:41

Bit further south than the Flamingo is the Chia Laguna - this was a lovely mini resort but not 'resort' ....not far from a beautiful stretch of beach.
Adjacent to the Flamingo was teh hotel Pineta not sure if that has improved as some of the chalet style accom was a bit basic.
Cagliari is an ok place but I wouldn't like a week there esp with the lovely coastline so nearby.

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Sat 09-Aug-08 23:05:13

Rosa - from what I saw of the Mare Pineta, it was okay but as you say "bit basic". However, would be interested to see what price difference is between standard/superior rooms at Flamingo and rooms at Pineta as they basically share same facilities/entertainment etc but my feeling is that Pineta may be priced slightly lower???? If you take one of the "i Nidi" suites at Flamingo, then the price difference is probably worth it (lovely bungalows with separate lounge area, patio and jacuzzi........superior rooms at Flamingo have sea view but are basic). We didn't stay at Chia Laguna but saw the place and would definitely consider it for future holidays.

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