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Cannes/Nice early next year.............

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TeaDr1nker Wed 06-Aug-08 20:13:58

Am thinking of going to either of these places early next year.

Can anyone reccomend where to stay. We are a party of three - DP and LO (1yr). DP does hotels, but i am trying to pursuade him to do SC, does anyone know of any really lovely apartments? We are planning to go for a long weekend - not sure if you can rent an aprtment for less than a week.


Brangelina Wed 06-Aug-08 20:19:49

You can out of season but won't be able to in high season. I've recently been hunting for sc apartments in that area and there are quite a lot at varying prices. I found most on sites such as owners direct or chez nous. You do tend to get a better deal if you stray more towards St Raphael/Montpellier. I found a lovely flat in Fréjus for instance that was quite reasonable.

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