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I am taking ds to Holland on the ferry - which buggy should I take?!!

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theSuburbanDryad Sat 02-Aug-08 20:15:27

The journey will involve a short Tube journey to Liverpool Street, then a longer train journey to Harwich. Then the ferry - obviously - then trains etc through Holland. And then using it throughout the week on trains etc in Holland (although Dutch railways are much better for buggy access IIRC) and the same journey back again.

So the buggy I choose must be lightweight, easy to lift up and down stairs, comfortable for ds for long periods of time and for him to go to sleep in, and have plenty of room underneath.

The choices are: The iCoo Plasma 7, the Presto Bruin stroller or the Mothercare Jive stroller - for which I don't have a hood or raincover.

Decisions, decisions!! Help me, lovely MNers!

theSuburbanDryad Sat 02-Aug-08 20:33:01

Doesn't anyone care about my buggy dilemma?


myjobismum Sat 02-Aug-08 20:54:45

hi there - not sure about which one is best for train tbh, but do you already own all these strollers??
we have recently bought a presto bruin for DC2 who is due in 9 weeks as our lightwieght stroller option, we tried it with DS in all around the shop etc and up and down the steps there (he is about 28lb) and he loved it and was actually very easy to use and steer - so personally if that was an option i would happily chose it for use as you need it - however looking at the i'coo i am a bit envy as it is so classy and looks so snuggly and comfy - as for the jive - probably not the most comfy or easiest to steer tbh, always find the very lightwieght strollers a little bit awkward and the plastic handles a lot more unconfy on the hands than the foan ones - this probably hasnt healped at all, and fear now i am just waffling - lol - hope you choose right and enjoy your holiday!

myjobismum Sat 02-Aug-08 20:55:45

and i cannot spell either!!

theSuburbanDryad Sat 02-Aug-08 20:59:39

Hello! How blush - i just reposted on the products topic as i thought everyone was ignoring me on here!!

Yes, i already own all these buggies - the iCoo we got given cause of dh's work, the Presto was a Christmas present from my parents as we were moving to near London and needed one for the tube, and the Jive was a desperate buy in the middle of High Wycombe when i realised i didn't have a buggy for ds!!

The trouble with taking the Presto is that the brake is broken - otherwise there'd be no issue, i'd take that one. And on the iCoo the straps are broken - otherwise again, no problem. The Jive is the only one which is whole and unbroken - but it's not very comfortable for poor ds for long periods and i think he has trouble sleeping in it!

eandh Sat 02-Aug-08 21:02:31

don't take jive, you know he'll slump in it and its guaranteed to rain if no cover, personally I'd take the presto and hold it (I never put the brake on my zpp blush) any chance of fixing straps on the i'coo?

myjobismum Sat 02-Aug-08 21:09:27

at the chance of sounding like a terrible mother - i think i have used the brake on DS's pushchair about 4 times (and he is 2 yr9mths) so as long as you dont forget it doesnt work then shouldnt be a problem, when sitting on tube etc just wedge foot in front of wheel to stop it moving smile glad it is a great stroller though - fills me with confidence we made the right decision with our purchase! if you do take the jive, you must get a rain cover - if you dont it will pour down (if you do it wont) and a soggy DS wont make for a fun time!

theSuburbanDryad Sat 02-Aug-08 21:10:49

EAH - we want to use the iCoo for the new baby, so we'll have to fix the straps at some point! Trouble is it's up in my parent's loft atm so i'd need to get over there and have a proper look at it!

I was going to take the backpack as chances are we'll be using a bike and seat for at least some of the time while we're over there - but i don't want to not have the option of the buggy IYSWIM.

eandh Sat 02-Aug-08 21:12:42

take the presto - he'll be comfy and happier in taht compared to the mothercare one! (when are you off then?)

theSuburbanDryad Sat 02-Aug-08 21:33:20

Sept 14th - and i'm so sososososososososososo excited! smile

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