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Another luggage question - buggies and car seats in hold baggage - Monarch airlines

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TwistOLemon Sat 02-Aug-08 12:45:42

Rather than spend hours waiting to be put through to their customer services thought I would check here first as you lot are much quicker ! Anyone flying Monarch Airlines before - do you know if you can check in buggies and car seats as hold baggage and more to the point, do they charge extra for them ? We will have 2 of each so trying to work out cheapest options.


Loriycs Sun 03-Aug-08 11:01:12

Best to check out their website, but most airlines allow you to keep the child in the buggy right up to boarding, so its not counted as part of luggage allowance and you dont pay for buggies. Some insist that buggies have to fold to a certain size, but most do anyway ( all umbrella folds ok)so shouldnt be an issue.Ive seen carseats coming round on the luggage recaim so presumably part of main luggage? Ive never taken a carseat as they can be hired with most hire car companies in Europe. Hope that helps.

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