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What to put in hand luggage for ds3 (aged 3, almost 4)

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Gobbledigook Sat 02-Aug-08 11:53:20

Ds1 and ds2 will have nintendo ds (can you use these while on a plane actually?!)

What will keep ds3 entertained for 4 hours?

Also not having meals so tell me what I can take that won't get confiscated.

I am so up to my neck in work right up to going away I haven't got time to think...

piratecat Sat 02-Aug-08 11:59:16

not sure about the nintendos.

Food wise, have one sep bag with loads of rolls, crisps, pack of biscuits, anything.
Just don't take any drink, as it will get confiscated when yuo go thru the xray machine. Buy a big bottle of water in departures, or whatever you fancy.

We went on a two hour flight only recently, we ate our rolls in the cafe!! Far far cheaper.

I flew with dd to the states when she was 3, a seven hour flight.

Colouring book/paper and about 8 pens selected from her stash.

pack of stickers

A fisher price book, which was a bit like leappad.

cuddly toy, and i think her plastic teletubbies!!

Gobbledigook Sat 02-Aug-08 12:28:42

Brill - OK, will pack snacks and get drink when there.

Am stuffed if can't use nintendos! That was ds1 and ds2 sorted for the duration!

Stickers a good idea - hadn't thought of that so will get some.


piratecat Sat 02-Aug-08 12:31:17

yes, get drinks in departures only. I treated myself to a coffee in the cafe, and ate my roll (wel one of them).

Took a little bottle of water (filled from tap at home) for dd to have, then I slung it before we went thru.

I was wellpleased, becuase the basic snadwich and drink option on the flight was £5 !!

Gobbledigook Sat 02-Aug-08 12:52:30

Well it's not so much that but the airline food is horrid - I don't think my kids would eat one of the meals and that's why I opted out.

There's a Starbucks near our gates - I'll be going in there!

mumto2andnomore Sat 02-Aug-08 14:24:41

You can use nintendos, gameboys etc on the plane just not for take off and landing.

hifi Sat 02-Aug-08 14:35:20

a portable dvd is essential when we tae dd anywhere.i also take playdoh.

MingMingtheWonderPet Sat 02-Aug-08 14:39:17

Mini aqua draw mats worked well for DD

Sticker / activity book

Do you have an ipod? You could download something suitable onto that.

Some cars

Gobbledigook Sat 02-Aug-08 14:50:22

Oh love the mini aquadraw idea - where do I get those from?

Portable DVD great idea but we don't have one because our car has a built one so never needed one.

Glad can use nintendos - that's the older two sorted!

Thikn I'll see what activity/sticker books they have in Tesco - they usually have cheapy ones.

Got bigger ones to take but they are for in villa when we bring them in out of hottest sun.

MingMingtheWonderPet Sun 03-Aug-08 17:26:09

ELC or Woolworths or Boots have the mini aqua draw mats

See here

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