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Flying with a toddler and a baby on my own, am I mad?

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cafebistro Wed 30-Jul-08 17:25:52

Im planning a trip home ( only about 1 hr flight) to see my family and wonder if it worth all the stress of taking both dc's ?
My MIL has offered to look after my toddler if it makes things easier and I have no problem with that as he knows her well. I think he's a bit young to feel he's missing out if he doesnt come. But i do feel a bit mean only taking the baby ( i'm still BF ) but my trip will be easier with only one child. Has any one any experience of having two on a plane? Like what do i do if ds wants the loo, who holds the baby? etc

QuintessentialShadows Wed 30-Jul-08 17:29:03

You will be fine.

I have been flying regularly with one, and then with two, 2 hour flights, transit, another two hour flight.

1 hour is nothing. Just pack a small bag with a lunch, and some toys, paper and colouring pencils. If you need the toilet, most air hostesses are happy to hold the baby.

cafebistro Wed 30-Jul-08 17:34:12

Thanks Quin, im sure it would be fine...its just the though of a screaming baby and an uncontrollable toddler that fills me with dread!!

cafebistro Wed 30-Jul-08 20:11:02

Anyone elses experiences??

Loriycs Wed 30-Jul-08 20:41:15

just back from Ibiza last week. my 18 month old screamed all the way there and some way back, i think maybe her ears hurt but not sure if it was that or the fact she wanted tp be down on her feet and not on our laps. Not practical on a small plane with one busy aisle. However we went last year when she was 5 months and she was fine. I travelled longhaul many years ago when my oldest ds was 2. That flight was 12 hours and she was the perfect traveller. However weve booked to go back there at christmas and are now dreading the flight with our youngest but she may be just fine. Its a big plane so she can walk about anyway. Who knows, all kids are different. I would suggest some things to keep your toddler amused- books, small toys etc. Its only a short flight so it'll go by very quickly, good luck.

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