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Tell me - is Mousses Lefkas REALLY as good as it sounds?

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hillbilly Sat 26-Jul-08 22:54:36

It all sounds great. If you have been please tell me the good and bad points please.

Pollyanna Sat 26-Jul-08 23:08:12

my dd still goes on about it a year later smile - it is her favourite place and best holiday ever apparently (she is 5)

We really enjoyed it, the downside for me is that lefkas isn't particularly pretty and the beaches aren't nice. But the children loved it, we had a fab time and met some nice people. I would like to find somewhere similar, but with nice beaches. We will probably go back again though sometime.

also I suppose if you were after gourmet food and luxurious accomodation it wouldn't be your cup of tea - but we didn't mind about that.

Also it was expensive for us - we had to hire one of the villas though.

mousemole Mon 28-Jul-08 09:36:39

we had a villa too. Went in May. The kids club was great and the pool and bar lovely. However, our villa was incredibly musty and had clearly had a damp problem. I am sure later in the season this would be less pronounced but for us, everytime we went back into the villa the smell was a bit off putting. Also they use far too much chlorine in the pools - our villa pool was so chemical I wouldn't allow our 1 yr old to use it. One morning I swam lots of lengths in ours for 40mins and was left wheezing from inhaling so many fumes off the pool. Another day they cleaned all the floors in our villa with an incredibly strong industrial cleaner that left all of us wheezing, coughing and with headaches. We wont be going back and two weeks was way too long as the island is very small.

hillbilly Mon 28-Jul-08 09:46:55

Thanks to you both. Good to hear the points about the chemicals. We have a 3yr old and a 9 month old so a big concern.

Also we would definitely want to use the local beaches and if they are not so good it would be a problem.

mousemole Mon 28-Jul-08 09:49:38

hb, the beaches aren't BAD, just not amazing although if you travel for half an hour or so you can find nice ones. I think I am fussy though TBH ! Definitely nicer ones on other greek islands.

hillbilly Mon 28-Jul-08 17:08:27

mm - do you have any recommendations for other family friendly holidays in Greece? I have not been there since having children so have no idea where to go.

LadyMuck Mon 28-Jul-08 17:46:01

The chlorine wasn't particularly overpowering in the main pool at all. The place is rather social so if you prefer to not have to engage in small talk with other couples then I'd avoid. My children begged me to let them go to the children's club, but they are older. I would imagine that out of school holidays the place is full of parens with preschoolers. The self catering facilities mean that you can look after your own kids as you would want. The food in general is OK rather than great - a couple of restaurants are notably better than others. I guess in part it depends on if you were likely to take your children out with you in the evening. I wouldn't want to survive on the bar food for too long and Greek restaurants don't really get going until after 9pm. Most of the beaches are shingley but still fine for kids.

My kids loved it, but mainly for the relative freedom that they had as the children ran relatively freely through the gardens etc, making dens, having waterfights etc. I think the reltively small nature of the place was helpful. It does seem to get a lot of repeat business. We ended up on days out in boats with one of the other familes, so worked fairly well for us.

mousemole Mon 28-Jul-08 18:00:33

hb, I haven't got any personal recommendations although some friends are going back to Sani Resort which they think is great. Are you wedded to Greece? Sheraton Pine Cliffs is next on my list as everyone raves about it.

hillbilly Thu 31-Jul-08 06:37:45

Thanks ladymuck and mousemole. No does not have to be Greece so thanks for the recommendations.

We have actually now ditched this idea and have booked Centerparcs for 4 nights in August and hope to go for some winter sun for our long holiday.

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