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Llafranc/Calella de Palafrugell - recommendations for moderate priced kids friendly hotel?

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maggiethecat Sat 12-Jul-08 23:09:22

Narrowed holiday down to these 2 towns and was just about to book hotel until I read that there is a steep walk from hotel to beach - not clever with a buggy!
We want to go last week of July 08 so not sure if we'll even get anything but if we can it would be nice if we could get pool for kids' use and even children's play area (or is that asking for too much?)
Would consider aparthotel except that we've never done one before but would be happy if we could have half board.
Suggestions gratefully received!

janeashersbookofspacecakes Sat 12-Jul-08 23:16:17

Just back from that area, but didn't stay in a hotel. Theyare both lovely. Llafranc is tiny. We were in L'Escala, further north which I thoroughly recommend. It's a lovely family resort with mainly Spanish and French families. The town beach has slides etc. on it.

janeashersbookofspacecakes Sat 12-Jul-08 23:18:13

This ones on the sea front of Lescala and has a pool:

maggiethecat Sun 13-Jul-08 10:20:24

I've just called them and they do have a room around the time we want to go - yeah! only thing is we need to try to get flights - it seems that ones to Gerona are difficult to get but I'll keep looking - think I'll try to do that before I book with hotel. Can you suggest how to deal with transfers?

janeashersbookofspacecakes Sun 13-Jul-08 18:02:22

We flew to Girona from Blackpool with Ryanair.
We always hire a car, but there are busses from Girona airport. It's about 45 mins from airport, don't know what that is in taxi fares.

janeashersbookofspacecakes Sun 13-Jul-08 18:04:50

You can use this site to book transfers from the airport to resorts including L'Escala.

maggiethecat Mon 14-Jul-08 02:15:54

That's so helpful - as you can tell, I'm up late at night trying to pull this holiday together - one of the pitfalls I suppose of trying to do something a bit special rather than going for the package tours.

I've had a look at flights and seats to Gerona are a bit scarce it seems (flying from any London airport - is this just the case in summer do you know? I think we may be able to get into Barca but that's a longer transfer for the kids.

We're toying with the idea of renting a car - is the coastal terrain very hilly? (I seem to have developed a phobia of driving at great heights.

Nieves Mar might be able to do us but not for the complete period of stay. On another forum s/o mentioned campsites and said that you had some very nice ones well equipped for children and we could consider this option to fill in the gap - do you know anything about these?

Thanks for sharing.

janeashersbookofspacecakes Mon 14-Jul-08 08:32:45

Try flying to Perpignan in France from Stansted. I'll see what other hotels look nice in L'escala.
If you're flying to Barcelona, Tossa is a good resort.

janeashersbookofspacecakes Mon 14-Jul-08 08:35:26

This hotel was at Montgo beach which is a gorgeous moon shaped beach with restaurants all round it, and a little tourist train that regularly gets you into town:

KM1 Mon 14-Jul-08 12:37:41

We stayed at Camping La Siesta in Calella de Palafrugell last year - it was great. It is an easy 10 minute stroll into the resort and a 15 minute walk in the other direction to Llafranc. Both resorts are lovely and very Spanish. We stayed in a mobile home which the dcs absolutely loved but there are apartments on the site too if that is what you prefer. We much prefer the mobile homes because you get your own outside space on the groundfloor rather than a balcony.

maggiethecat Mon 14-Jul-08 14:02:45

I've just heard about this one (and camping Kim) but both are booked out. Will try to get there next year if we can.

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