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Cape Verde islands

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warbler Sat 12-Jul-08 20:35:01

Thinking of Cape Verde islands with DD (20mo) in October - any recommendations on hotel and tour operators? Seen a couple in Thomson but they seem a bit of a trek (1.5km) into nearest town and I don't know how child-friendly they'd be given DD's age (eg would be good to have an early tea).

warbler Sun 13-Jul-08 15:03:47

anyone?? I'm sure I've seen Cape Verde recommended here before, just nothing on exactly where

Blandmum Sun 13-Jul-08 15:25:23

dh went there 2 years ago with the RAF on an exercise and was not that enthusiastic about it. Not a massive amount of infrastructure, whice might be your idea of heaven, but it might not be

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