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School holiday newby - where to go at end October?

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noneshallsleep Thu 26-Jun-08 13:23:53

My dd starts school this September so for the first time we're going to be restricted to taking our holiday in school holidays. We usually go away in early September (which I guess will be out this year) - ideally to a villa with pool - but prefer somewhere with a bit of character (we often book with Simplytravel). Our half term is at the end of October, so where can we go? It doesn't have to be very hot, but hopefully somewhere that won't rain everyday! Cyprus seems the obvious choice, but I don't know where, and I haven't found any companies that do villas with character there. Any recommendations? Thanks

aznerak Thu 26-Jun-08 15:54:41

Phone your school before you decide as our local schools phase the start dates of reception children and so a couple of children start each day until they have all started.

If your school happens to do the same and your little one happens to be near the end of the start dates, you may still be able to get away in early September.

Maybe, maybe not but worth a try and you will certainly get better weather in September than at the end of October!

mumma2cjh Thu 26-Jun-08 21:39:34

Im the same and have been looking at
Malta, Cyprus, all canaries, Sardinia, Portugal

floaty Thu 03-Jul-08 21:34:05

we have been twice at the end of October withe simply taravel to a villa just north of marbella,first time we had rizzlemost mornings but sun in afternoon ,second time fantastic weather approx 25 all week,will try to remember name of villa ut weather was good and as off season we had a great time,Ronda very nice

SubRosa Thu 03-Jul-08 23:07:04

We've been to Eilat at the end of October. Coral Beach is lovely, full of parrotfish and clownfish. I know Israel wouldn't be most peoples' first choice of destination, but it's a lovely country and the scenery in the Negev desert is fantastic.

pipsqueak Thu 03-Jul-08 23:08:54

had goodish weather in scilily and sardinia at half term - off to morroco this year ..

nicolasmum Sat 12-Jul-08 12:50:40

Try Akyaka in Turkey, still warm, very child friendly with sandy beach and shallow sea. Also very good English girl there that offers childcare both in the day or evenings, She's got a childcare qualification, first aid, GB police check, speaks fluent Turkish and has LOADS of experience. Look at for more information on both the resort and her

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