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Menorca - worth hiring a car?

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lovecat Sun 04-May-08 22:07:23

We have booked a fortnight in Menorca at the Hotel Victoria Playa in San Tomas (all comments/tips about the hotel or the resort very welcome!).

Would anyone be able to let me know if San Tomas is very out of the way, and if it's worth hiring a car to see the rest of the island, or if we can rely on public transport to get around?


lovecat Tue 06-May-08 17:52:19


Candlewax Tue 06-May-08 17:58:35

Hi Lovecat, it is a few years since I have been to Menorca but we hired a car whilst there. You can get away with the most basic of cars as the island is not very big. Some of the beaches you may not be able to get to via public transport so, in my opinion, hire a car. You could even get away with just hiring a car on a daily basis or on a few days basis. You won't need one every day. Hope that helps.

lovecat Tue 06-May-08 20:25:39

Thanks, Candlewax, that's fantastic. DH is of the opinion that you MUST hire a car when on holiday, but last time we went away we barely used it, so I was loathe to go ahead and book it for the entire fortnight. Cheers muchly

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:27:23

are you getting transfefes from the airport?

been to menorca loads (parents have place there)

can i help?

Yorkiegirl Tue 06-May-08 20:27:35

Message withdrawn

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:30:55

galdana is very near to thomas

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:32:59

map here

PestoMonster Tue 06-May-08 20:34:04

We stayed at that hotel six years ago. The beach is wonderful there, but you will go stir-crazy unless you hire a car for a few days. There is one main road across the centre of the island running East/West and it is easy to find other resorts to explore. I would heartily recommend a day in Cala'n'Bosch in the Western corner of the island. It is a lovely harbour town with restaurants all round the harbour. It has 2 beaches and a very nice waterpark too.

Also, can highly recommend the restaurant on the beach, close to the Victoria Playa, for lunches. Wonderful mussels and calimaris smile

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:34:28

the festivals are amazing, try and go to one if you are there at the same time

FluffyMummy123 Tue 06-May-08 20:36:05

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Tue 06-May-08 20:36:26

Message withdrawn

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:37:46

son bou and st jamie are next to each other and imo are a must for a day out if you hire a car,

also, check out fornells, playas de fornells, tirant (all next to each other and do able in one day)

go up mont torro, sundays are busy as they are very religous, you gotta have a macaroon from the cafe on the top and take in the views of the whole island,

justjules Tue 06-May-08 20:39:51

gadana is tourist place yes,

mencorca is a very prety island,

i love the smell of the place [odd childhood emotion]

pine cone smell on the quieter roads

lovecat Wed 07-May-08 18:34:19

Justjules, that's so kind of you, thank you so much for the info!

Thanks also Yorkie and Pestomonster for the tips, we will definitely look into that lunch place - and the waterpark if DH has anything to do with it!

Cod... erm... thanks? wink Have come to the conclusion as I get older that I am, in fact, a tourist rather than a traveller, so we will have a look at said beach and see...

We are going for the last 2 weeks of July/1st 2 days of August, so we may well see a bit of the Sant Cristofel festival - when we went to Llafranc a few years ago it was the feast of Sant Joan, that was fab (albeit slightly scary given the Catalonian disregard for firework safety!), so I'm quite excited at that prospect

We've paid for coach transfers, simply because we're landing and leaving at stupid o'clock and didn't want the hassle of trying to find a taxi/sorting out car hire there and then.

From what I've seen of it, Menorca looks absolutely beautiful (MIL also said so and she and I tend to have similar pov on that sort of thing) - I love that pine cone smell too! Ooh, I can't wait....

thank you all very much

justjules Wed 07-May-08 18:57:48

here are some other bits of info i have found (cut and pasted) that i posted on other threads last year...


asked mum who knows the appartments and says they are nice, it is busy in calen porter and she does not remember if the bus/little train thing runs in may,

i think it may do but she sugested that you contact the appartments directly or you ask your travel agent to do it for you,
she agrees about the steps and the beach being nice but far from the best on the island,

when i asked where 4 adults and 4 kids should stay she said son bou/saint jamie, which is were i said, the area is fairly busy, beautiful, family friendly, flatter and the beach is massive, loads of water sports/water slides, nature reserve on the beach and if you are very brave there is a nude section on the beach (right away from the families at the other end)

at this point i can say i have done the nude bathing a few times and it is really refreshing blush

and here

i have been so many times since i was a child as my parents have a place there...

it is a beautiful island, arenal de castel is lovley,

if you do get a chance my FAVE resturant is in 'es mercadal' it is quite close to you,

it is in an old windmill and it is called es molli de raco (sp) sounds right!!!

any cabbie/local (you actually have to drive past it on the main road though mercadel) will know where you mean if you say this, it is cheap and cheerful and the waiters have been there for years so the service is amazing,

check out the menorcan soup for starters (loads so share for 2) the spicy lamb chops for mains and for desert have the brandy (lit with a match) ice cream!

mum and dad are in fornells (a picture postcard fishing village) which is also near you if you get the chance to travel

i have linked this map for you

click on the towns and it gives you info on each one

my advice if you can is to hire a car even if for only a few days

also son bou is a must visit place, really beautiful beach with a nature reserve and a nuddie bit on if you are the adventurous type (swimming naked is great)

and here

see here for more details and my FAVE resturant gets a mention by its proper name grin

hope that helps LC,

if you need any more info just shout smile

lovecat Wed 07-May-08 22:19:29

Ooh, that all looks wonderful! According to the hotel details, it's possible to walk to Son Bou from San Tomas, so we will deffo be paying it a visit.

Thanks so much again - really appreciated!

marmadukescarlet Wed 07-May-08 22:34:15

We've been to Menorca 3 times in the past 8 yrs, only like the quieter bits though. Once went early am to Turqueta, had beach to ourselves until 2 huge tourist boats pulled up and deposited 100s of people!

Don't know how old your Dc are, but one of our fave things was to take a little boat from Es Grau (?) over to a little island, ran out there a few times a day you have to say which one you want to come back on. Really empty quiet beaches, clear shallow water for watching fish/snorkling and not a lounger in sight.

justjules Wed 07-May-08 23:18:15


if you do hire a car please note...

there are VERY FEW petrol stations on the island and most are closed on a sunday,

do not get caught short,


barney123 Tue 27-May-08 19:47:08

Just booked to stay in Cala en porter for 2 weeks.

Similar question whether to hire car for full 2 weeks, transfer not arranged.
Just worried wont have enough space for all luggage, in a small car, then have paid for a big car for the 2 weeks, any recommendations here?

Lady we booked apartment off said auto amigos are cheap, discount if book on line. search on google.

Have you heard of our apartments Vidal Court, Calanporter?

laughalot Wed 28-May-08 13:54:48

Justjules what is the weather like at the minute we go in a few weeks and the weather seems pretty crap.

Barney that resort is supposed to be nice iv never been before what dates do you go ?

justjules Thu 29-May-08 21:16:30


you can ask for a roof rack if you do decide to hire for the full 2 weeks,

if you get a taxi they are waiting outside the airport terminal and all the resorts are on the wall in big letters with pre paid prices so you cant get ripped off,

calan porter is very close to the airport so should not be that much,

last time i got a taxi to the far north of the island (about 3 times as far) it was about £40 (2 adults 2 cases) so i dont think it will be too much to porter,

it would prop be cheaper to taxi in a big car, and just hire one for a week or so to get about the island,

they will do a drop off at the palce you are staying,

or... calen porter will ahve rental places of thier own, you could arrange one when you get there,

i can ask mum who she hires off if you like smile

weather is usualy good at this time of year,

it poured down yesterday,

today was nice,

(weather update provided by jules mum about 30 mins ago) grin

justjules Thu 29-May-08 21:17:49

dont forget you PAPER license as well as your card one smile

justjules Thu 29-May-08 21:19:00

auto amigos here

jellybeans Thu 29-May-08 21:22:18

Hi we stayed in Santo Tomas last year, that hotel is very nice. The beach is AMAZING, loads of room, turquiose sea, white sand. It is a very quiet place but there are a few little parks and one or two (expensive) shops. There are a few places to eat and kids discos etc. YES I would hire a car. We did and I also recommend a trip to Cala's beautiful. Also Mahon and Citudela are well worth a visit, lovely harbours. Monte Torro also is worth a visit for the views and statue and history. We also walked to Son Bou from Santo Tomas over the cliffs, hard work but lovely (comes out on a nudist beach though so be prepared for kids questions!).

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