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5 star hotel in South Tenerife. Any advice especially re. WARM pools!

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rubyone Sun 09-Jan-05 13:46:29

Has anyone recently stayed in a really nice 5 star hotel in South Tenerife which has a really warm pool - can't stand cold water! I've read good reviews of the Tacande gran hotel. Has anyone stayed here? And is there building noise next to it? Also, does this hotel have interconnecting rooms or suites suitable for families? Or any other recommendations?
Any advice would be very much appreciated!

mum2one Tue 11-Jan-05 10:38:54

Try holidays uncovered ( - might be some useful reviews. We'd often thought of going to one in Los Cristianos called the Arona Gran I think but can't comment on its pool... or much else as never stayed there but looked lovely! Can recommend one in the north near Los Gigantes called Bahia something or other. If you're interested I'll find out what it was called - quite a lot of steps though if you're taking young kids but did have kids club, nice food, warm pool, kids pool...

tiredemma Tue 11-Jan-05 14:15:10

can recommend-
hotel costa adeje gran
hotel tacande gran
hotel bahia del duque
hotel grand anthelia park

all in the costa adeje area of playa de las americas
you will find more info on web!

rubyone Wed 12-Jan-05 18:17:48

Hi there, thanks for that. Out of the four, Tiredemma, have you stayed in any you particularly liked? The Tacande gran has good reviews but looks quite ugly and the bahia del duque has had very mixed reviews. Which did you prefer?

Tartegnin Mon 17-Jan-05 16:32:58

Rubyone: I give Bahia del Duque mixed reviews, but with lots of good points BUT you should also know that there really are no warm pools - one is heated but just to barely cool - still pretty chilly.

sweetheart Mon 17-Jan-05 16:50:57

We stayed in a complex of 5* hotels in June and it was lovely - you can use the facilities of all the hotels and they have a spa too which has an indoor pool. There is alos about 4 other pools to choose from. One is a nudist on

Anyway it was just half way between Playa De Las Americas and Los Cristianos in a really nice place and both towns are withing walking distance along the sea front.

The hotel was called Mare Nostrum Resort and has 4 possibly 5 hotels on it.

The childrens entertainment in perticular was good and out little girl is still going on about it now!!!!


rubyone Mon 17-Jan-05 20:59:01

Thanks everyone, for your tips!

puddytats Mon 17-Jan-05 21:05:17

My parents own a Villa in South Tenerife tht they rent out most of the year - in fact going there in 3 weeks time!. It is self catering but very family friendly (took ds out there last year when he was 9 months old) Always happy to recommend that but is not hotel. Is bot 20 mins from airport. Let me know if you want any further details!

rubyone Mon 17-Jan-05 22:42:24

Thanks, puddytats - could you give me the details? The main thing is that I don't want a pool right next to the house as the toddler will be right in there! Many thanks.

puddytats Tue 18-Jan-05 08:12:58


It is a 2 bedroom villa that can sleep upto 8 (2 sofabeds in the lounge. There is a cot avaliable for hire if you need one as well. It does face onto the pool however there is a wall all the way round the garden (my 10 year old neice and 8 year old nephew could not get over it!). It has a bath and seperate shower, 2 loos. Spacious lounge and dining area. The kitchen is fully equipped with full sized oven, dishwasher, washing machine fridge and freezer.

The garden is large enough for kids to kick a ball around in and there is a patio area with BBQ that is partly covered to allow shade.

There are 2 pools, both which are lifeguard patrolled. The 'family' pool has a shallow area - bout up to my ankles - and the deepest part only comes up to my waist (I am 5" 1).

There is a pool bar and a decent restaurant. There is a kids play area, kids club, table tennis etc. There is also an allocated parking space if you need it. There is also a small shop on site (i found most things for ds in there!)

As i said, I am going back there 4th Feb and taking ds with me again (he will be bout 15 months). It is about 20 mins drive from the airport and about 10 mins drive from Los Cristianos.

I do have pictures that I can email you and if you are still interested I can give you my fathers email address.

Hope that helps!!

puddytats Tue 18-Jan-05 08:14:10

Forgot to mention it is In san andres, and situated on a golf course - don't know if that is good or not!!

rubyone Tue 18-Jan-05 16:43:33

Many thanks for that. I would like to see some photos if possible. Can you CAT me with them? I'm assuming the villa doesn't have a pool of its own and that the wall you mention is in front of the two main pools - is that right? That would be ideal.
Many thanks!

puddytats Tue 18-Jan-05 19:03:16

The wall is round the garden which makes it nice and private, the pictures will show it better. Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by CAT? I have very little computer knowledge!

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