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Has anyone tried KINDER HOTELS

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bigmommyof2 Fri 08-Feb-08 18:23:25

I have looked at their brochure and it looks realy good and well geared up for the kids (of all ages!!) but just wondering if anyone had been in one of the Kinder Hotels before?

LIZS Fri 08-Feb-08 18:25:45

I haven't personally( but have used Swiss equivalent but know of others who have and were happy. The one in Lermoos (Alpenrose?) comes recommended by several friends.

bigmommyof2 Fri 08-Feb-08 18:28:48

Thanks for that - will have a look at their website

LIZS Fri 08-Feb-08 18:33:47

Kidshotels in English in case you can't switch language!

bigmommyof2 Fri 08-Feb-08 18:34:19

hi managed that and ordered a brochure

halster Fri 08-Feb-08 19:53:01

We have stayed at the Alpenrose in Lermoos that LIZS mentions. It was lovely. Gorgeous setting with spectacular views, GREAT facilities for kids (an indoor pirate ship together with sand and lapping sea for example) and a fantastic spa for the grown-ups that knocked spots of anything I've been to in the UK. It balanced the needs of the kids very well with those of the adults. It is not a giant themed nightmare. It IS very germanic though, which is fine but there are rules, Ja? For example you have the same table in the restaurant for the whole week!

Re: the childcare, we went with a very active 22 month old and she would not stay in the creche, there was just not enough going on for her. The creche is really set up for small babies and there were no other children of her age in there. Mind you we did go out of season so it might have been quiet for that reason. The older kids however seemed to be having a ball! SO much for them to do! If your kids are v small or over 3 I think they would have a great time - provided they could get over the language barrier - but I think kids are very good at that. You might want to check how many of the childcare staff can speak English.

All-in-all it was a great holiday and very good value for money considering it was all-inclusive. More parts of the world should have these Hotels, they are a great concept.

bigmommyof2 Fri 08-Feb-08 21:25:25

danke !!!

I have asked for a brochure so will compare to kinderhotels. my DS and DD are 4 and 3 (although 3 yr old is small) so they should be ok.

ConfusedMover Wed 13-Feb-08 16:07:33

I've been to which is in the Kinderhotel brochure. It was great, didn't use the childcare much as DS didn't want to stay. Lovely rooms/dining room/bar & pool etc. Would go back.

annasmami Thu 28-Feb-08 11:39:10

We've been to several Kinderhotels, both in summer (Alpenrose in Lermoos) and winter (Baer in Serfaus) and the whole family loved it! Great childcare, childfriendly appartments, excellent food, lovely spa/pool area and very good value for money - considering the free childcare, kids clubs, free bicycles, buggies, food etc.... Would happily recommend!

Jo43 Mon 30-Jun-08 23:44:05

I am considering the Hotel Baer in Serfaus next winter - does anyone have experience of the childcare there specifically for a baby (mine will be 9months). Did the nannies speak English?

Lapsedrunner Tue 01-Jul-08 10:59:26

I haven't been to that one but I know it's one of the better known Kinderhotels. I would 99.999999% confident that the nanies speak English.

annasmami Thu 03-Jul-08 20:47:11

Jo43, we've been to the Baer in Serfaus a couple of winters ago with our then 3 and 5 year olds. We stayed at the Loewe the previous year.

The childcare really is good. I think they had a separate room for babies (with cots etc) and they take the babies out for walks.

We dropped our 3 and 5 year olds at the kids club in the morning and they took them to the skischool (for that age directly in front of hotel!) and brought them back for lunch at the hotel. The kids then played until we came back around 4pm. Our kids often had dinner with the other children and then played some more (or watched a movie) while we had a peaceful dinner smile.

The only thing about Serfaus that I didn't like that much was that you had to take the underground train to the skilift in the morning and it can get quite busy (depending when you go). But the resort and the skischols are very childfriendly - there's even a special childrens restaurant on the mountain.

Oh, yes all employees/nannies will speak basic English. We actually wanted our children to practice their German smile.

narmada Mon 19-Oct-09 13:05:08

Hi, just wondering whether you ever did go to the kinderhotel? If so, what was your experience of the childcare like. For various reasons, we don't particularly fancy going with esprit or similar, but I am a little concerned about the limited info I have on the childcare arrangements at kinderhotels. That makes me a little nervous about booking...! Our DD will be about 20 months when we are planning to go away.

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