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forsale Tue 02-Oct-07 23:13:31

Secret House

forsale Tue 02-Oct-07 23:14:30

The Secret House

NadineBaggott Tue 02-Oct-07 23:29:47


NadineBaggott Tue 02-Oct-07 23:33:52

oh that looks fabulous and those hills ready for my boots grin

must show that to dh. We did think about midi pyrenees but thought it may be toooooooo hot. I'll send you a link to the place we're going to look at on FB

Marina Tue 02-Oct-07 23:34:58

envy I am going to follow you around planting these envy on you Nadine, you have to keep us all posted
The Secret House looks fab

NadineBaggott Tue 02-Oct-07 23:38:31

we're off to see one in the Dordogne on Sunday Marina! Dh is very excited, I'm er, I don't know what I am! grin more cautious I think grin

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