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How much notice should you receive that your flight is cancelled?

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Mostpeculiar Sat 27-Jun-20 08:03:23

I’m suspicious that you can no longer book our Aug flight to Munich but OH rang Lufthansa and theyve said it’s still a valid flight. But oh was on an online forum where a man flying in same flight this month had his cancelled and was told the route was cancelled till Oct so a v different story. I just want it sorted ASAP grrr

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Mostpeculiar Sat 27-Jun-20 20:16:57


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NCTDN Sun 28-Jun-20 08:35:46

We're booked with Lufthansa to Munich at the end of July and haven't heard anything yet.

Sussed Sun 28-Jun-20 14:09:51

We've still not heard about our flight for 3 weeks time, despite the fact BA currently aren't even flying from Gatwick South. Driving me crazy.

123rd Sun 28-Jun-20 14:15:37

We were due to fly out 4/7 and kept checking their website, asking on a live web chat. And also the company have no bookable flights til sept
They wouldn't tell us we would hear of anything easy cancelled
We did then hear two weeks ago that the flight was cnc, we requested a refund and we have actually had the refund back into our account.
Literally within a week of the flight being cancelled

LIZS Sun 28-Jun-20 14:19:15

Easyjet left it to less than a week before in March even though we were already in lockdown.

KoalasandRabbit Tue 30-Jun-20 04:39:25

I've had mid / end August flights to Thailand cancelled and refunded in full first week of June (EVAAir). AirAsia flights one for August has been cancelled and 2 year credit note, two other flights with AirAsia no news and if they don't cancel you lose the money and 2 lots of travel insurance have get out clauses.

KoalasandRabbit Tue 30-Jun-20 04:42:03

I saw someone say their AiaAsia flight cancelled with under 24 hours notice and then credit refund refused as too late, flight gone. If flights have disappeared I would assume it will be cancelled later unless rules change re lockdowns.

Mostpeculiar Tue 30-Jun-20 14:01:43

Flight cancelled today

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NCTDN Tue 30-Jun-20 17:24:42

@Mostpeculiar were you emailed? Ours is on a month but not heard anything. Strange as Lufthansa too and the same destination. Where were you flying from?

KoalasandRabbit Tue 30-Jun-20 17:46:38

With EVAAir I just saw our flight disappeared from sale / schedule online then I looked and you could apply for 100% refunds which I did, returned within 5 days. That was 1 June, flight disappeared on 31 May for 12-24 August.

AirAsia ones for mid August got text then e-mail saying one cancelled a week or two ago. They won't refund but offer 2 year credit if they cancel rather than you. You go in circles via a robot who always doesn't understand then you ask for a person wait 2 hours ask them and mine came back as a credit in a few days but heard of others waiting since March. Had another cancelled today so looking forward to AirAsia robot fun again.

Mostpeculiar Wed 01-Jul-20 08:29:14


*@Mostpeculiar* were you emailed? Ours is on a month but not heard anything. Strange as Lufthansa too and the same destination. Where were you flying from?

Newcastle and it shows as cancelled in the my bookings section of their website

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Mostpeculiar Wed 01-Jul-20 08:31:47

Forgot to say Newcastle Airport also said Lufthansa weren’t selling tickets for that route till sept due to Covid so we knew they were fibbing!

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Normalmumandwife Thu 02-Jul-20 08:39:37

They only have to give two weeks notice.

We contacted our airline to check...said yes still "scheduled" to fly...the cancelled it. Don't believe a word they tell you. We have some more flights due for August and a large payment due on a villa...I'm looking at cancelling and writing of the flights (£2k) as I just think it will be cancelled

They are all rationalising and cutting flights so no one who wants to travel will really know j til,two weeks before

NCTDN Thu 02-Jul-20 11:39:03

We've heard from Lufthansa today. Flight has changed from direct to Munich to going via Frankfurt. I don't want the stress of an additional airport to go through so looking to cancel or rebook.

NCTDN Thu 02-Jul-20 11:40:07


Flight cancelled today

Have you asked for a refund or are you rebooking?

Mostpeculiar Thu 02-Jul-20 12:17:02

We’ve requested a refund, we’re becoming more aware now of the silly amount of money of ours we’ve allowed companies to keep in terms of flights, trips, gigs and theatre tickets accepting postponed dates etc. Out of these we’ve had our first company go under and I’ve done a chargeback application with my bank but no idea how that’ll turn out and sadly let’s first it it’ll probably not be my only one so from now on it’s refunds all the way

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Mostpeculiar Thu 02-Jul-20 12:18:33

Let’s face it I mean, I wish there was an edit button

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