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Ideas for a winter sun holiday with 18 month old

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mumtodd Mon 03-Sep-07 13:35:18

Hi, we didn't get away over the summer this year and now we are thinking of trying a sun holiday in later November/early December. Haven't been on a winter sun holiday before but looking for somewhere suitable for families that would be about 20-24 degrees. Anyone got any suggestions/recommendations?

2pinkshoes Mon 03-Sep-07 22:09:29

we went to agadir in morroco in february with our daughter who was 17 months at the time. it was fab, its getting quite touristy now so there are loads of lovely hotels right on the beach. we went on a mountain safari in a 4x4 which was fine with dd. the morrocans were brilliant with her and couldnt do enough for her. one morning she sat through breakfast chanting ''mummy, nana'' continously as she usually has bananas for breaskfast and was not impressed at the lack of bananas. at lunchtime one of the chefs came to find us, he'd gone off and found some bananas for dd! we loved morroco and will definately go again mainly because they were so good with kids and its suprisingly beautiful. we stayed at the amadil beach hotel and booked through mytraval i think.

hope you find somewhere suitable smile

ska Tue 04-Sep-07 14:21:52

we went to canaries (grand canaria) in November in 2000 when our dd was about 17 months old. it was warm and pleasant and inexpensive but very chips and pub-y (busy/built up etc) but we did have a god time. it was with thompsons in a child friendly hotel

samanthar Wed 05-Sep-07 10:58:32

canaries shd be pk if you avoid first week which is still end of half term prices
i wd get a flight and then look for nice big apartment on owners direct etc if you look hard at tenerife there are some nicer areas eg costa adeje which is up from the playa americas area and not 'clubby' or try thegolf del sur area though this is noisy as planes leave but nice apartments / heated pools

newgirl Wed 05-Sep-07 19:17:56

we went to morocco last dec and it was fantastic for all the reasons pink shoes says - but it wasnt as warm as we expected - jeans weather in the day and freezing at night - although warmer than here obviously - but not swimming outdoors iyswim

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