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hyatt regency - sharm el sheikh

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LG Fri 31-Aug-07 09:18:53

Has anyone been here and would they recommend it for a 3yr old and 7 yrold. I'm looking for some sun at the end of oct/beginning nov. Are the swiming pools really cold? Can you swim in the sea?

bluesky Fri 31-Aug-07 12:15:13

Yes yes yes!!!!!!

Loved it, been twice. When my ds's were 10 and 6 and 8 and 4.

Weather is lovely. Sea is warm, we put wet suits on our two, for when we snorkelled as we'd be out for a bit longer. Bit cold when you first get in but that's because you are so hot.

The fish are AMAZING!! The beach has its own coral reef, so your children can have the cast of Finding Nemo around their knees. There is a floating pontoon where the divers tumble off from, and just walking along here and sitting on the edge is wow. You don't need any boat trips. Gorgeous coral etc.

Pools temp varies, on our first year one was too hot! Last time, as it had just been cleaned, it was cooler. It is on a hill, so there are various pools. The main one for kids is brilliant, it goes round an island, and there are caves and waterfalls and a slight current so you can bob along. There is a water slide if they are brave enough. My 7 yr old loves it.

The food is wonderful. Nice restaurant on beach, service quite slow and relaxed, so we take colouring etc to the table. Pool bar/ good, they have childrens menus.

FANTASTIC breakfasts, best we've ever had. The choice is great.

Dinner; we always went to The Souk, open air (def warm enough) you get a bag of gold coins, to spend at a variety of food stalls, ie pizzas/pastas, chinese, fish, egyptian, ie there is something for everyone even the fussiest of eaters. Fresh naan bread is made in the oven. THEN there is the belly dancing entertainment!

For a special meal we went to their Thai restaurant, best in Sharm apparently, so book it when you get there.

We booked The Souk early, or quite hard to get in at the same you want to fit in with kids/bedtimes etc.

The rooms are very spacious and have very good air con. House Keeping are very good (all men) we would leave a tip each day, and our room was immaculate.

For a flop down and chill holiday in October it is really good. Gets alot of russians. Quite hard to get availability, but was made easier last year with more flights direct to Sharm. We booked direct with the hotel as not many UK tour operators go there.

Any other questions just shout!

LG Sun 02-Sep-07 20:52:22

thanks bluesky. We have booked and are really looking forward to it!! anything special we should take? Are there any good trips from the hotel the shildren would like. Is the children's club any god?

bluesky Sun 02-Sep-07 21:58:00

Brilliant! I see from Tripadvisor, that the main pool with waterfalls etc is being re-done, will it be done by October, did they say anything at booking?

Take snorkel things with you, and after our first visit we bought the swim jackets for our 2, even though they can swim, we felt it safer that they had them on, so we didn't have to keep bobbing our head up whilst snorkelling, to check they were OK! Mind you, we kept hearing our 6 yr old shrieking through his funnelly thing each time he saw an amazing fish!! Take the little beach shoes too, bit rocky in the water. They have a roped section that you can walk out/swim out, the rest is coral, so you can't stray from the ropes and put your feet down.

The boys also loved having a waterproof camera each, Boots do two for the price of one, the blue cheapy ones. Take a book of fish, as at bedtime, they would spend ages, marking the ones they'd spotted. The shop at the hotel had a good double A4 sheet with pictures of them on.

There is an excursions office on site, but we didn't do any, big sand dune trips etc, 4x4s, best for when they were older I thought. We did go on a glass bottomed boat trip, that went from just down the road (think it was near the Hilton Hotel) that was fun, especially because we saw a turtle. (Just to complete the Nemo experience!) The best fish really are at the hotel, so you don't need to pay money to go anywhere else.

We were happy just to chill for a week at the hotel.

Kids Club wasn't really operating like a Kids Club that we would imagine. There is a playroom and an outside climbing frame where you would go with your children, but not a system where you would hand them over in safe capable hands like with Mark Warner or something. There was a girl there, half in the kids bit and then half taking tennis court bookings on the other side. So think you'd have to check that out when you are there.

LG Mon 03-Sep-07 15:13:26

thanks bluesky - pools are all done and ready. Did you buy any booze/snacks from outside the hotel to keep costs down!

bluesky Mon 03-Sep-07 17:18:26

If you like drink, then get some duty free, as drinks are expensive, I'm a cheap date and don't drink and dh stuck to egyptian beer.

With the HUGE breakfasts, we never really needed snacks during the day.

We did buy water from the hotel shop, to have in the room for teeth brushing and night time drinks. It wasn't hugely more than having to go all the way into Sharm to get it!

There is a hotel shuttle that goes into town.

Who did you book through out of interest, just so we know for next time, we will definitely go back, but we just thought we ought to try somewhere different this year. Boys are desparate to go back!

Try and get some lower denomination egyptian money, for tips.

dizzydance Mon 03-Sep-07 17:33:50

Hi, we are also thinking of Eqypt. Just wondered, did you have to have any injections such as typhoid. Also do you get single beds in the hotel rooms? My dss are teenagers so I would have to book 2 rooms. We normally have an apartment but haven't seen any in Eqypt unless we get interconnecting rooms? That would probably work out expensive though.

bluesky Mon 03-Sep-07 18:23:56

Hi dizzydance, we did top up all our injections, as the first year we did Cairo followed by Sharm. We are now covered for 10 yrs. The nurse at your surgery will advise you.

We had interconnecting rooms, they had big single beds in them.

dizzydance Mon 03-Sep-07 19:21:26

Thanks, sounds brilliant. We are thinking of going at Easter.

LG Tue 04-Sep-07 16:23:18

hi bluesky,

we booked with aspire travel 0845 458 9455. thanks for the tips!

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