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ideas please for hols next year. MUST have fab children's club for 4 and 6 yo...ITALY maybe?

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noonar Sun 26-Aug-07 20:04:13

ok, just got back from mousses lefkas, which was fab, of course. a now looking for something similar quality for next year.

by then dd2 will be 4, so i'm hoping our options will be greater, child care wise.

our preferences/ requirements are:

-character location- not full of brits abroad
-pref Self catering ( if not, a spacious suite might do)
-very secure (and fun) clud for the girls
-budget 4k ish for 2 weeks in summer hols (2 adults, 2 chn)
- pool , oh and beach nearby
-not all inclusive
-nice local restaurants

any ideas? maybe you've just had the perfect hol and would care to tell me about it.


Mousie Sun 26-Aug-07 21:40:28


love Mousses but feel we could do with a change... periyali? sounds like it is very expensive and less good as kids get older...??

noonar Mon 27-Aug-07 08:50:52

hi mousie. wish we'd done periyali last year,tbh, as i'm sure it's out of our price range now that they all have private pools sad. wish i'd known last year that it was our last chance to go!

am thinking about tamarisk beach- turkey, with crystal- but they have no s/c facilities as far as i know.

Mousie Mon 27-Aug-07 11:31:02

hi noonar, ok will look into the turkey place - worry it will be too hot for august?? . have heard kids clubs get more intense with lots of older kids in school hols, though to be fair mine will be 5 and 7

someone said that simply also does a corsica place a bit like Mousses so I will look into that too. seems odd thinking of next years holidays already. i would love to book a ski holiday too but want one with minimal transfer times. but that is another thread.

noonar Tue 28-Aug-07 11:08:06

mousie, you are ME! i also looked at corsica- with crystal- tis no longer simply. think crystal may have dropped it too. also, they had no pool.

am also looking at skiing smile check out scheffau with espirit. fab.

Mousie Tue 28-Aug-07 12:14:57

hi noonar.

ok thanks for the ski suggestion. i also decided to look at camping for next year as an idea = posh camping if that exists. i am a bit of a wimp with insects and discomfort - the Mousses beds are as rough as I can take it, which is pathetic I know..
kids love running around with other kids and i think the locations look stunning too, will let you know if i find anything inspirational. will probably end up back at Mousses as it is always a very good safe option.

giddybiddy Tue 28-Aug-07 19:40:00

You and me both! Mousses was so great we went there twice, but have struggled to find anything similar. I have emailed Simpson - who took over Periyali and used to own Simply to try to encourage them to do more similar set ups. Maybe everyone should do the same! Any ideas gratefully received. We've done French gites but to be honest with three small children come back more exhausted than when we go!!

ska Tue 04-Sep-07 14:25:19

we generally use eurocamp and you can camp almost anywhere in europe with them (tents or mobile homes). Most of the sites have kids clubs and they are excellent. canvas is good too but we had a dispute with them and won't use them again (sadly...) might be too cheap for you tho - I have just booked next years august holiday and it is costing £820 for 12 nights inc ferry and its for 5 of us grin(we split journey in 2 hotels each way)

wheelybug Mon 10-Sep-07 13:27:55

Just back from Periyali which we went to because we couldn't get into mousses and it was great - really recommend it (haven't been to mousses though so can't compare).

The childcare was great - dd only 2.5 though but older children (though can't speak for much older) seemed to really enjoy it.

We are thinking of trying Mousses next year although will definitely return to periyali at some point in the future.

chinwag Mon 10-Sep-07 14:00:01

ska, where are you going? And what are the Eurocamp mobile homes like? How do they compare with Canvas?

Mousie Mon 10-Sep-07 15:58:27

have ended up booking Mousses. spirit of adventure killed in me for now...

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