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feeding 15 month old on plane

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mumsway Fri 24-Aug-07 23:18:56

planning on booking a holiday to canaries, which is a 4 1/2 hour flight. dd will be 15 months. does anyone know if you can take snacks and water on the plane for toddlers.

hana Fri 24-Aug-07 23:20:08

yes you can but you may have to taste things first when you go through customs

mollymawk Fri 24-Aug-07 23:22:19

Yes. I have been allowed through security with water for my 2 in their colourful cups. I think this may actually be against the rules though.
But it is only going through security that is a problem. You can take what you like on the plane as long as you buy it after security. So you could buy bottles of water.
And food is not a problem as far as I know - it's just liquids that get stopped.
But maybe your airline will have the latest info.

hana Fri 24-Aug-07 23:23:27

I had to taste a couple of jars for dd just a month ago at Gatwick. Didn't bother bringing drinks through for baby - still bf

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