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The Perfect Holiday.....does it exist???

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chinwag Fri 24-Aug-07 22:10:01

Why is going abroad SOooooo difficult? Why do we look forward to it so much, spend so much money? And then come back thinking never again...

Has anyone had the perfect European holiday, where, when and why? Modest budget? Great children's facilities?

Or is it just a pipe dream???

C'mon share all..

rantinghousewife Fri 24-Aug-07 22:15:28

Only possible ime when you have family with a place abroad, we've just spent 2 weeks in the Auvergne. Spent less than 600 quid and that included the ferry and petrol, went swimming and paddling in the lakes there every day and dd (4) was bowled over by the ferry ride. Bit more expensive if you have to rent a place but probably great value for money.

rantinghousewife Fri 24-Aug-07 22:16:14

That 600 included spending money.

chinwag Fri 24-Aug-07 22:42:27


unknownrebelbang Fri 24-Aug-07 22:44:50

Don't aim for perfection.

Works for me.

roisin Fri 24-Aug-07 22:52:44

Why do you have to go abroad though?

I've had 4 fantastic breaks so far this year in the UK, several of them very close to perfect, and less expensive than going to Europe.

In the past 5 years we've only been abroad twice with the children. And I've never come back from any holiday thinking never again!

chinwag Fri 24-Aug-07 22:56:52

Usually chasing hot weather...only it always isn't!!! I think you have a point.

Skribble Fri 24-Aug-07 23:02:34

Still aiming for a nearrer to perfect holiday.

This year was not bad, Italian lakes at easter, just right temp (I don't want it to hot), just enough things to see, not too many brits, great food, good price. Even the caravan site we were on was lovely, right on the lake. Caravan was a bit shaky, only thing that realy bothered me, it was a static caravan but it wasn't quite static enough. Oh and I might hire a slightly bigger car. But even including Ryanair flights I felt this was the holiday I should have been on tfor the past 10yrs, So def going back bext Easter, aiming for better accomodation, but a caravan will do.

fortyplus Fri 24-Aug-07 23:19:41

Our best hols have been with friends. The boys think it's mega exciting to go on holiday with their friends and the adults have someone to share a couple of bottles of wine in the evening.

Other than that - sandy beach - local child-friendly restaurants and a pool if your DCs are old enough to be safe around it.

We went to Scotland on a boat this year and had a fab time - a bit chilly but great fun.

chinwag Sat 25-Aug-07 08:19:36

Hols with friends sounds good.

We were on a camp site in South France, and the only British there. Was a bit lonely at times as we didn't speak to anyone in english for about 10 days. DDs didn't have anyone to play with, although nice in a way, cos it made us closer as a family

morningpaper Sat 25-Aug-07 08:33:14

lol @ not-quite-static enough caravan

SecondhandRose Sat 25-Aug-07 08:37:14

For me it would be sunshine, sandy beach with a loo and cafe, kids for mine to play with, 4 star self catering with sheets and towels provided but with a half board option of yummy home cooked healthy dinners.

Baby sitters whenever we wanted, Sky package on the TV for DH all no more than 4 hours drive away and reasonably priced!

Doe it exist?

hatwoman Sat 25-Aug-07 08:58:09

I agree with unknownrebel. I've always enjoyed our holidays. nearly always with friends. nice house or this year camp site. it doesn;t sound like there was much wrong with yours this year. Eurocamp sites seem to be full of English people for the kids to make friends with (not cheap though)

Lilymaid Sat 25-Aug-07 15:46:12

Holiday with teenagers in France this year. DH and I took two days to drive down, staying in lovely small hotels with fab food. Collected the teenagers from airport near holiday resort. Teenagers booked onto activities most days and spent rest of the day time down at the swimming pool where they made friends with local children. DH and I went for pleasant walks, visits to local markets etc. Evenings spent playing board games/card games (loved by teenagers and DH, not so much by me, but had by then drunk enough to get through it!). Everyone happy and it wasn't vastly expensive (Cornwall would have been more expensive).

chinwag Sat 25-Aug-07 16:32:16

That sounds lovely.

anneyc Sat 25-Aug-07 16:52:24

I'm with SecondhandRose.. but also a maid to come and do all the washing up and daily cleaning! and self catering on the beach.. or short walk away!

scienceteacher Sat 25-Aug-07 16:57:48

We've had really great holidays, and always said we'd be happy to do a repeat.

2007: USA - fab resort with children's groups in Vermont.

2006: Netherlands - Centerparcs - great, despite the rain. Would be even better would good weather

2005: Haven caravan thingy in Brittany. Good site, but wonderful location with many beaches within half-hour drive.

2004: Devon - activity holiday in a place where they do school outward bound stuff. Very institutionalised but also very cheap

2003 & 2003: all-inclusive family resort in Jamaica, with nannies thrown in.

SecondhandRose Sun 26-Aug-07 08:17:50

I just tried to book a hotel in Devon for August 2008 and it is fully booked!

WestCountryLass Sun 26-Aug-07 21:26:41

I think when you go away you have to accept the kids might not get a long all the time, you and DH might have words, you might not enjoy every meal you eat but on the whole you will have a nice time!

We have been camping twice this year and had a long weekend in a caravan, not the most luxurious of holidays but we have had a good time. DD had chickenpox on our last holiday but you make the best of it.

Last year we went camping a few times and went to Corfu for a week, the kids caught headlice.

I think if you are striving for perfection you are bound to be disappointed to be honest.

MrsSpoon Sun 26-Aug-07 21:42:14

I agree with WCL when she says "if you are striving for perfection you are bound to be disappointed to be honest". IMO and IME the 'perfect' holiday just happens, we've only had the one holiday that we would describe as 'perfect' and TBH I thought it was going to be far from perfect, we flew just a few days after 9/11 and we were pretty terrified at the prospect.

We only had DS1 at the time (although we didn't realise I was actually pg with DS2), DS1 was 21 months and hard work, we went to Rhodes in Greece and when we arrived the accommodation was of a very low standard. I can't put my finger on why it was the 'perfect' holiday but it just happened. We went back to Rhodes again two years later with two DSs, stayed in better accommodation, better area etc but although we had a great holiday the 'perfect' element was missing.

I suppose I'm saying stop striving for perfection and just take it as it comes. smile

paulaplumpbottom Sun 26-Aug-07 21:46:07 or We have spent two weeks at th first and a month at the second. They are both very child friendly and we never wanted to leave either place

Whooosh Sun 26-Aug-07 21:52:10

A MONTH AT ELOUNDA?????????????????????????

paulaplumpbottom Sun 26-Aug-07 21:52:52

It was amazing, that was last A

paulaplumpbottom Sun 26-Aug-07 21:53:01


choosyfloosy Sun 26-Aug-07 21:55:58

i hate holidays

start from that premise and you will enjoy some parts of some of them

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