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Kefalonia. Is there plenty to keep small children amused?

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IntergalacticWalrus Fri 24-Aug-07 21:21:38

I'm going at the end of next month

DS1 will be 2.9 and DS2 will be 13 months. They don;t like to sit still for long (what child does)

We plan to just muck around on the beach etc quite a bit, but I'd quite like to see a bit of Kefalonia, obv.

We will be based in Lassi, but we will have a car for a week while we are there.

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 21:22:31

Ooooooooooo you lucky thing. Tis my fave island. I will be watching for an update as DH & I went before kids.

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 21:24:08

I didn't notice anything like that I am afraid. We just noticed that it's unspoilt and quiet or it was then.

There were some caves we visited and a bay with a very strong current (so no use for children).

IntergalacticWalrus Fri 24-Aug-07 21:27:26

I went 10 years ago. It was great

It's not really going to be a holiday, it will be like being at home, but with better weather.

DS1 is very very excited about going on the plane. This is further compunded by the fact that we live under the flight path into Bristol airport, so we get woken at ungodly hours asking if we are going on the plane today

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 21:29:19

10 years ago for me too. It just seemed very idyllic and we stayed in Scala, home of fir trees on the beach.

IntergalacticWalrus Fri 24-Aug-07 21:33:43

We went to Lixouri and I had a smashing time

(god I sound like enid fucking blyton)

I'm a bit pissed

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 21:37:19

s'ok. I have just finished a massive glass of something, tasted good anyway grin

I remember DH hiring a motorbike to tour the island and taking it back after about 20 minutes because if he went round a left bend I leant right blush and he told me I would kill the pair of us blush. We ended up with a fiat uno and I covered my eyes up the hairpin bends and told him to get on the right side of the road. He was sad so we took that back too and got taxis.

It was the most beautiful holiday I have ever had and it's where we will go when we have enough money to go abroad again. It simply doesn't compare IMO with the other islands.

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