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Oslo in December

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olympicfan Wed 09-Oct-19 21:01:45

Am I mad? Will it be too cold to sight-see on a city break?

HarryRug Wed 09-Oct-19 21:05:42

It’s very cold today! Can’t imagine how December would be. Lovely city though and very friendly people.

cazzyg Wed 09-Oct-19 23:26:56

December is cold but the city doesn’t grind to a halt and there’s a Christmas market in the centre. I e been a couple of times late nov/early Dec and clothes wise, decent coat, boots, layers hat, scarf and gloves were fine to get about the city.

QOD Wed 09-Oct-19 23:29:17

My cousins are half Norwegian and live in Oslo. It’ll be fucking cold. One visited me last December when we were at 4oc and he was Perspiring

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