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Accommodation in France

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mumtoaprincess Tue 14-Aug-07 09:12:21

I am planning next years holiday. We thought we might go to France. I would like somewhere near a beach and not too far from an airport. Although could drive to Brittany. Preferably I would like to stay in a hotel / chateau with good food and swimming pool although would consider holiday cottage, but must have shared swimming pool. I have a young daughter and would like her to make friends. I have looked at Il de Re, but can't find anything suitable.

Leslaki Wed 15-Aug-07 08:11:27

why don't you look at some of the camp sites? The big mobiles are great and some have chalets. The facilitis are fantastic for children and they get so much more freedom thatn you get in a hotel. Although it's self catering if you don't want to cook you don't have to! Most campsites have pretty good restaurants/takeaways on them and some are near resorts/villages for a bigger selection. We tend to BBQ most nights and eat out a few times. Your dd will meet loads fo children, our dcs always end up in a gang!! They're 4 and 5 so not a threatening gang, more a mad rampage of happy children playing and eating ice creams!!

Some campsites are on a beach and most are near one. The pool complexes are usually fantastic and my 2 adore the kids clubs!

We're off to a campsite in Brittany tomorrow!! Can't wait!

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